FS: Video Card XFX 7770 (Burnt IC) and Sapphire 5770 (Dead)

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XFX 7770 1GB Ghost Core Edition (Burnt IC) purchased in April 2013 locally, with original bill and box. around 15 months warranty remains however TAG does not provide warranty on burnt parts as per its policy. Pic of burnt area attached.
Sapphire 5770 1GB (Dead) purchased in 2011 locally, no bill, no box and no warranty. Randomly dropped dead.

Price: 1.2k pickup from Bandra, Mumbai (preferred). Shipping at actuals which will be expensive since xfx box is big.

PS: if you know someone at TAG please pay me more :)

DSC_0333.JPG DSC_0334.JPG DSC_0335.JPG IMG_20140902_013048.jpg IMG_20140902_013129.jpg IMG_20140902_013145.jpg IMG_20140902_013314.jpg IMG_20140902_013649.jpg IMG_20140902_013655.jpg IMG_20140902_013739.jpg InstaSize_2014_8 _ 48146.jpg
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