User Review Xiaomi Mi3 on TE

Preface: this is not a number Crunching thread.

First impressions of the phone.

+Great device. Definitely an eye catcher.
+ Great screen. Excellent touch.
+ Decent camera.
++ Fast (considering my upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy Duos)
+ Build quality.
+ Incomparable Value for money proposition.

- Big (Yes) It's slim Though.( You can't call it a review if I don't nitpick.)
- Partially alien environment. (Hello KitKat... Where art thou?)
- No expandable storage. Only grey available.
- waiting period.
- slightly bigger than a comfortable one hand use.
- Square micro USB slot makes it difficult to judge cable angle ( There is a marker on the cable to make things easier though)
- Single Sim and that too Regular type so you will need a converter.

I got this screenshot when I ran Antutu (Your device is incomparable, this is your world.) ..
It sums up the device score.
It's been seven hours (and fifteen days..;p ) since I'm using it.
And I'm lovin' it.
Please post your impressions.
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This phone keeps amazing me every single day. Why can't Indians make this quality of phones?