Xiaomi to launch 64 GB Mi 4 on Feb 24 for Rs 23,999


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Xiaomi will outsell OPO even at that price.

Almost all of my colleagues have heard about Xiaomi and a few are using Redmi. Flipkart has a much better presence in India than amazon and their constant advertising of the Xiaomi phones helped a lot.

Just two of my friends knows about One plus one, and these two immediately backed off after hearing the cyanogenmod fiasco. Then I managed to convince another friend to buy the One plus one, he got the money and asked me the next day to order one unit, I looked for invites but didn't get any(beginning of the sale). So he finally got a Zenphone 6.

One plus one will never find any success in India, they literally shot their own foot when they launched with the invite system here. I was planning to get one as well, didn't get an invite(I just registered for one, don't have time to scour forums to get one), and in the meantime got news of my G2 getting lollipop, decided to wait it out.

As long as they are selling through amazon and with an invite system, they won't touch Xiaomi flash sales even in a hundred years.


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lol i never said that OPO will out-sell the Mi4. Sure Xiaomi has a much bigger exposure but I will still go for the 1+1.


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This mi4 is the one to go for. not that 16GB one. Only 4k more.

Surprised they even offered it as they skipped this option with the mi3.

Question is does this one do 4G ? as the 16GB variant did not. Pretty wierd for a chinese phone as they use similar bands.

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I don't Know why the 16 GB version is also lacking 4G it seems little weird, snapdragons easily support 4G & even its cheaper cousin Redmi Note has 4G then why omit 4G from a 20k Mi4 ?