Yantralay.com avoid . Poor experience.

So I got Dji Osmo mic adapter from them on COD.

They called me to verify and asked them if I get warranty as their website did not had much info.
They said yes.
Later I did not even wanted to buy it as I found cheaper solution but I had committed them when they called for COD and so honoured it. Could have and should have just returned .

I got it and it did not work right out of the box. Only charging. I tried several mics and connections and wires to make sure I don't blame them without proper investigation and to my finding. It is poor class product and several on Amazon had somewhat similar experience.

I tried calling them no one is picking the phone.
I emailed them. No response.

So avoid buying from them. Maybe there waterproof cases are okay( as I had purchased from them before) but any electronic item are poor products. Just dumping of Chinese shit without any responsibility even after commitment to the customer.

Hope this helps.


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Yantarlay sells ulanzi products on Amazon under its name.
They are okay with plastic parts etc. even those are about average I would say .

But their electronics is just plain cheap Chinese shit, no quality control, no service.

My idea to post here is for advice to people to not waste money like I did.

Btw good to know that Ulanzi is there brand too. Will avoid that as well.


Yeah, I understood that. I was just pointing out that yantarlay is writing its own name before ulanzi products which doesn't make any sense. Before ordering from any website we should always talk to ther cc to know if they even exist or not which you did. Looks like they are here to do 'sell and forget' buisness.