YouTube Music to go audio-only for non-premium users


YouTube Music is soon going audio-only for free users and will no longer play music videos alongside the audio. The platform recently announced via a detailed post that videos on YouTube Music will soon become exclusive to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium subscribers.

Free users who aren’t subscribed to either of these plans will also miss out on features like on-demand music selection and unlimited skips.

YouTube Music will, however, continue to allow free users to access dedicated mood mixes on the platform. These include mixes for workout and commute with advertisements. The post, first spotted by 9to5Google also states that if free listeners have uploaded songs on the YouTube Music app, they can continue to play them anytime, on-demand.

Here’s a detailed list of features free and paid users will be able to experience.

Free users:

Listen to music in the background
Shuffle play personalized mixes (that are made just for you!)
Find the perfect mood mixes for activities like workout, commute and more
Explore millions of songs & thousands of playlists, free of cost

Premium subscription users:
Listen to songs on-demand
Watch videos on YouTube Music
Skip tracks an unlimited number of times
Enjoy YouTube Music without ads

The new changes are set to roll out first in Canada on November 3 this year. Following this, we can expect the changes to come to other regions including India. It remains to be seen what YouTube and YouTube Music’s long term plans are for other regions. More details on the same should be revealed by the company soon.


I don't really use youtube for music, but if i want to watch video of a music i'll just use youtube vanced with no ads