YouTube search is really frustrating and absolutely useless


Whenever I search for any tech related videos, the results are full of Indian YouTubers regardless of what I search. There is absolutely no option to get a broader set of results. I'm not saying that all these videos are bad, but a large proportion of them are absolute shit with 20 seconds of actual content in a 10 minute video. And I know there are a large number of videos on this topic from American YouTubers, but YouTube just won't show them to me, no matter how far I scroll.

The only solution is to switch to a VPN whenever I want to search something on YouTube. It's so damn frustrating.
I don't face this issue. I block saving history in youtube + am subscribed to channels like hw unboxed and similar not-Indian-channels only ( not biased, but that's how it is) - This may or may not be reason.
i think youtube search anyway is inferior to google search. Many times i end up searching yt first and then close, search google videos and then back to youtube. So this could be a workaround.
Mine is set to the uk, if I'm recommend Indian tech reviews I just mark them as not interested or dont recommend channel.

Also I don't watch any Indian content that helps refine my recommendations.

My account is account 6-7 years old and I have always marked them as don't recommend so now YouTube knows what I actually wanna watch.
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Most content I watch I watch on YouTube is from my subscriptions. I used to change sort to view count and use a more specific search term when I occasionally face this issue.

Changing location on YouTube doesn't seem to change anything for me. Not one single result!
Have you tried changing the location to USA?
Try changing your region to United States in YouTube settings.
Tried this, doesn't change anything for me, results are all same.
search google videos and then back to youtub
This might be something I need to try
I just mark them as not interested or dont recommend channel.
I'll have to start doing this as well
I used to change sort to view count and use a more specific search term when I occasionally face this issue.
In my case, this didn't help either, it just showed more irrelevant videos. For example, I was searching for "core i3 13th gen laptop battery life". After sorting by view count, one of the top results was "i3 vs i5 vs i7 performance comparison" from 3 years ago. It wasn't even matching my search phrase, only the word i3 appeared in the title, the shortest word in my 7-word query!
I had to aggressively click on the three dots and hit "not interested" or "Don't recommend channel" on the trashy Indian YouTubers for a solid 2-3 months for it to finally not recommend me any more of that.
Looks like there's no such option in search results
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i started using freetube for yt for some time..
i get better international vids recommendations than i do on website..
website settings are just useless...
I was talking about search. Don't recommend doesn't appear in search results, only on home page recommendations.
Yes, and that is the second option. When you get non-relevant search results, go to the channel's about page, and block user there.
When you are searching for anything on YouTube, be it through desktop or mobile, use "-" (without quotes) followed by your defined category, to eliminate that category of Youtubers from your search results.

For instance, if you are searching Samsung A34 on Youtube and you do not want videos from Indian Youtubers and Hindi speaking channels, your search function should be like this: Samsung A34 -india -hindi.

Works for me most of the time.
I am too frustrated with this crap. The search results show many videos from mostly those cringy channels, even though I enabled location to UK and also tried "-hindi".
One way that worked for me is to use a VPN.
I wish there is a straightforward, easier or one-click option. Perhaps someone should make a chrome or firefox extension for this shit.
Yes, I have used the + and - few times. Not sure if all of these operators work but worth a try -
This is helpful, thanks.

It's insane that they don't even have a date filter by default, where you can say give me videos posted in last 2 months.