Zotac 9600GT Overclocked Edition (Ebay Also)

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Hey Guys,

Selling my faithful Zotac 9600GT Amp Edition.
This was bought somewhere around September,2008, so still 4 years and 3 months warranty remaining.

U dont need to overclock this card since its factory overclocked to make it the fastest 9600GT u can find.

Games run at HD resolutions on my Samsung 2233SW with medium to high settings(all games except crysis :p ). At lower resolutions of 1440, games will run like a breeze at high. :eek:hyeah:

I won't say much about the card, let the reviews speak for themselves:

ZOTAC GeForce 9600GT 512MB AMP! Edition Final Thoughts :: TweakTown

techPowerUp :: Zotac GeForce 9600 GT Amp! Edition Review :: Page 1 / 25

BTW, every review u can find of this card will have praise for this card...:eek:hyeah:

Reason 4 Sale: Upgraded to ATI HD4850 :D

Here come the pics:

I am expecting Rs. 4800/- for the card with original box and all accesories that came with it.
Can arrange for 4635 shipped through ebay. :)
Guys, who think price is high can freely roam around. This is not the usual 9600GT, so chill :cool2:

People from anywhere other than Bangalore can take the card but at shipping extra.
Guys from Bangalore preferred for immediate sale widout shipping hassles and r welcome to see the card anytime.

Interested people can contact me through PM's.

Thanks for dropping by,


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vasim21 said:
People may find it a bit pricey bro..

Considering the stock 9600GT cards are selling for 4.2k, this doesn't look pricey, ain't it? :bleh:
Moreover, it beats the crap out of every other 9600GT...:eek:hyeah:


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yup abhi bro, price is high, no offense, buyer always think he offered good price, seller always think he priced right. But we can buy used 4850 with Rs 700-800 more. Heck someone solid Palit 4850 @ 5.2k, and we all know 4850 is easly 1.7x-1.8x faster than this.

Again we all in forum help each other, I dont post in market, but wanted to share my views this time. :cool2:


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anupkumarroy said:
dude is 4850 available at 5.2??? wat abt a saphire 4850 2 months old wat should be its price?

Dude that was bought from Singapore i think & as far as Sapphire 4850 is concerned it shud not cost u more than 6.5K as new the one costs 8.9K :)


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Well, the 4850 for 5.2k was a Singapore warranty card. Whoever wants to go for it can go for it.
This is a local waranty card with ~4 yrs warranty.:mad:

Stop making crap comparisions on this thread. If any of the above is a buyer, he would have PMed me.
If 4850 is selling for 6.2-6.5k and stock 9600GT for 4.2-4.5k, i think an overclocked editon would be aroung a price level near to this.


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Whoever wants a card in this range will go for 9600GT , who wants to spend an extra 2000 bucks for the 4850, they will go for that.
Different people have different requirements. Based on their usage, screen size and various other factors, people buy cards. :mad:
There is also something called as budget, if u have allocated say 10k for a PC, would u spend 15k?:mad:

Enuf of everybody. Only Genuine buyers post please, else...:2guns:
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