Zotac GTX 580 1.5 GB

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hey guys selling my GTX 580 which was bought in 25th Nov 2010

Reason for selling is that iam going either 590 quad sli or a similar setup with amd not decided yet

bought from delhi and a shop in nehru place and have the box and bills with me so nothing to worry about

condition is like new

nvr OC or any problems as of now

temps max are 75 and minimum are 48

as of now would not really consider shipping as would like u to come to my place and take the card as thats the best way to me but may consider shipping

Price : 24000

thanks for Looking guys

Also registered with Zotac within 15 days so full 2+3 years warranty




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^^ It will just by its limits with a GTX 580 on Zebby Pro 600/HEC 600, but it was more than fine for HD 4870.

HD 4870 has 160W tdp whereas GTX 580 has 250W. Also i assume you have OCed your E8400 (who doesnt like to OC such a piece of gem :) ) and you have 4 Hdds.


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Card recieved :)

Will leave itrust rating as soon as i can access the forum from the laptop

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