FS: Video Card Zotac RTX 2080 ti Blower edition.

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Prashant Verma

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Expected Price (Rs)
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5 out of 5
Payment Options
  1. Cash
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Purchase Date
Aug 10, 2020
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Perfect for those itx builds. 67547102-D4D9-4FA4-8150-CED4B6AED49F.jpeg


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Prashant Verma

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Heyy @prashant If you don't mind me asking.. How come you sell so much fairly high/medium end stuff for quite reasonable price? Heck, Most of the time at a better price than what anyone else is asking for?
Prices are a very personal and subjective thing.
A Dukandaar might ask for a borderline unreasonable price because this forum might be an income stream for them. A person who has a deadline of sorts might price things more reasonably while A scammer might price things extremely low.

All that being said Im happy that my personal experience and my contacts have allowed me arrange items and to price things in a way that you guys liked them.

This party will run out of steam sooner than you expect.

Lastly, Aam khao. Trees mat gino.


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buyer / seller need to add further to this thread, pm me and ill open

Prashant Verma

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..and when you buying that 3080 :p
Im enjoying this panic the gpu companies are feeling thanks to streaming services and consoles.
Will wait until they truly master 8nm node or shift to something less power hungry.
Until then I will stick with my 2060 Super or go with AMD since they are being way too cute with 'ampere' release to not get noticed.

Lastly lets not crowd the thread any further with irrelevant talk. Puns is a lean, thread closing machine.
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