Edifier S550 + ASUS Xonar DX

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Very newly bought pieces, Selling under compulsion. Need money.

Bought them on following dates:

Edifier S550 - 25/02/2010. [SOLD]

ASUS Xonar DX - 26/03/2010 [SOLD]

Please do not low ball and 'pm' preferred the most.

These are very recent bought, hence prices are not that low.

Looking for very fast sale and preferably as a COMBO but not necessarily. Can ship anywhere but only through GATI.

Both these go very well as Edifier S550 is strictly analog 5.1 speakersbut the sound when connected with ASUS Xonar is ymmm...Superb.

Kicks Logitechs SUB's butt easily. Very loud and sound is really really good. Never sharp.:eek:hyeah:

Edifier is nearly 40kgs with box, so Gati preferred as it comes down for shipping cost as weight increases above 20kgs.

Pictures are here:

Edifier - a set on Flickr

ASUS Xonar DX - a set on Flickr


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4.3K for Asus DX.

Hmmmm....I bought it for 4.8K.:(

Edifier was bought for 17.4K.

Edifier kicks ass of Logitech Z5500. I had the z5500 before and used it for 3 years. This ones huge and very powerful.

Man. nobody interested. Guys this is one helluva speaker but ver much powerful that some might not like and want to opt for a lesser model like edifier DA5000.

PS: You may check the reviews for Edifier vs Logitech. The answer itself is there and very much true.

Looking for a very quick sale.

MAybe around 3/5 of the volume and its already very powerful.

Bought this when I sold my Yamaha & DSE 5.1.

But noe again need came, so have to sell. Since no gaming, pretty much movies & music only. Excellent for music. Clearly, z5500 fails ver badly there.


Hi guys, any takers. Lemme know your interests.


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Hey anooj. i would have closed my eyes and picked the Edifier if only accepted c.c :). best of luck for your sale.


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ASUS Xonar on hold for outside user.

DesiJames I left u 2 pm's. Let me know soon

ASUS Xonar is sold to outside user, money pending though.
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