FS : WD3200AAKS "B3" 320GB Single Platter Drive

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As the thread suggests, this extremely fast beast is for sale.

Its a single platter drive and gives avg read speeds in excess of 90MB/s. This is just one day old and has been connected to the system once for testing . Selling this off because I got it as a exchange item for some other RMAed items from my dealer.Dont need anymore as I am out of SATA ports on my mobo :rofl:

It sells for arnd 3.5k+tax , main problem is the availability though :p.

Sandy has got the 640GB version of this drive and it was faaaast


Price :- 3.5k shipped
3.4k for Bangalore/Chennai buyers

Hoping for a fast sale :D

Anybody wishing to check warranty may PM me for pic/serial no :)


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Im Interested PM me with Serl number/phone number/HD tach number :p
Provide details....
Sr.No :
Model No:
Date of purchase:

oh yes I also forget any bad sectors? And the kind of load/burden you have put to it would be of great deal to expedit your sale :rofl:

whahahahahhaha I hope these questions dont end up here also :p

its a good drive exact same to the 640GB WD just as fast ;)
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