GO: Audio 3.5mm & miniUSB port for HTC Touch/Diamond/Wing/Dash,HTC TyTn (2in1)

G@d of w@r

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GO: Audio 3.5mm & miniUSB port for HTC Touch/Diamond/Wing/Dash,HTC TyTn (2in1)

Will be ordering for Amazon.com

Price per unit - Rs.500 which includes shipping cost from amazon

Shipping -

For Mumbai:

Mumbai guys local pickup - Free

Outside Mumbai

At Actuals (wont be more than 50 bux)

Required Qty: 10

If we order more than 10, we will get more cheap rate per unit as we shall get advantage over shipping costs...

If you guys want only audio pin type miniUSB port, i will make another GO.



& here..


Interested ppl:

1 x myself

1 x w1nD

2 x vader

2 x Naga

1 x Quad Master

1 x mahesh007

1 x kandissa

1 x zubindh

Total = 10

Payment Detail


w1nD -
Payment Received, Shipped, Delivered

mahesh007 -
Payment Received, Shipped, Delivered

vader -
Payment Received, Shipped, Delivered

Naga -
Payment Received, Shipped, Delivered

Quad Master - Payment Received, Shipped, Delivered

Kandissa - Payment Received, Shipped, Delivered

Zubindh - Shipped, Delivered

Order Status-

Ordered - 31/10/2008 afternoon.

Expidited shipping from amazon.com

Delivery estimate from Amazon:

November 6, 2008 - November 13, 2008

i think u guys have to pay me 50 bux more.

Mods thanks for moving this GO in appropriate section.

Quad Master

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I would have said yes but havent got my hands on the HTC Diamond yet and am waiting for the Xperia X1 so cant confirm yet will let you know soon as i finalize.

G@d of w@r

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Ahh...1 short!!

Shipping from Amazon.com will take atleast 15 days.. All those who wanted this thing, post the urgency of this audio port so that i can decide to extend this GO.

also post where are u from (where location is not displayed or is uncleared like Rahul's)

We can definately get 20 pcs orders if we move on at this pace.


1.Shipping from Amazon.com will take atleast 15 days and ill ship it as soon as i get it.

2.Once i place an order with Amazon, you have to deposit amount in my HDFC account.

For outstation buyers, u will have to PM me ur address / name / telephone no. and ill reply you with my details like bank ac. & (address - only for self pickup ppl)

So waiting for more orders..

Happy New Year everyone!