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    Any Hot Wheels collectors here?

    I'm interested in getting KITT as well, do share any leads
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    Budget 31-40k Help Laptop for work

    Lenovo is having a sale on their website , have a look at prices there as well while comparing
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    Android Prisma released for Android :)

    Yeah haven't been able to get it to work either
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    Budget 20-25K LG G4 now : to buy or not to buy?

    I've moved on to another phone but have a spare leather battery cover , if...
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    Car & Bike Formula 1 2016 Discussion thread

    Good race, never seen so many people cheer two cars crash out :D sad that the Ferrari's couldn't capitalize on this opportunity and Alonso's DNF
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    Hello All

    Hey there, where are you from?
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    Suggestions for good anime/manga

    Watching God Eater and Charlotte from current season, both seem ok so far
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    Car & Bike Want to buy i20 Elite - how to speed up waiting period?

    Hyundai launched the i20 active as an option to reduce wait times :p
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    1.5 ton windows ac needed

    Why not consider split a/c? Window air cons are becoming a rarity these days. I got a Carrier recently which had good airflow. Other options are General ( O General or Panasonic) has exchange options for a/c but I would highly recommend you try getting few demos before you decide
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    Car & Bike Formula 1 2015 Discussion thread

    Check the times on star sports website directly?
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    Car & Bike Formula 1 2015 Discussion thread

    Yeah I'm not getting HD4 on Videocon, so just paid for the star sports web stream :confused:Mercs are running away again, hope this isn't another boring season :yuck:
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    Hello Everyone!!

    Welcome to TE Mayank! :)
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    The wet shaving thread

    How much and where did you buy it from ?
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    Audio VSD3S stuck in Mumbai Customs?

    It will get released in a few days , be patient. otherwise you would receive a call letter to send invoice details