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    Which Smart electrical switches?

    Fibaro Home Centre Lite.
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    Which Smart electrical switches?

    There are broadly two types of smart switches available. Touch/mechanical smart switches with generally wifi as a communication protocol and small relays that goes behind existing switch boards. They usually use zigbee or z-wave or wifi as a communication protocol. While it is recommended to use...
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    Which Smart electrical switches?

    IMHO he is asking about electric switches.
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    Door cctv in low amount

    I don't think its worth it.Even when you install camera in the way you want, it doesn't make much sense. Because of a simple reason that is you still have to go to the door physically to take a look at that LCD.But if you still want a camera for your door, I would suggest you to install a CCTV...
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    Suggestion for CCTV Setup

    Hey sorry for replying late.Actually got stuck in some work.I have gone through the links above and I think these kits are only good if they work well and have some proper support.So I would suggest you to buy it only if you're sure about its performance and warranty. Thanks
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    Suggestion for CCTV Setup

    Go for this You can set it up by some cctv professional or...
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    Can we put a fingerprint sensor on main door to lock/unlock ?

    You can even install a smart lock with a smart bell with which your mother doesn't even have to move to open the door.Once someone presses the bell ,a notification will come up on her phone and she can talk with the person who rang the bell and if she wants she can open the door with just a...
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    Budget 41-50k Need a powerful PC

    Questions What is your budget? 60k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) Keyboard and mouse Speakers Which hardware component are you looking to buy...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

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    Android Is MI Pad 1 worth it?

    Well today I got to know that MiPad is out of stock.And lenovo s8-50f seems to have some glitches and very low battery life?Anything else you guys recommend?
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    Android Is MI Pad 1 worth it?

    I am looking for a tablet with a 8" screen size and powerful hardware.I would prefer the screen resolution to be 1080p or above.I want Android as OS.The tabs I have shortlisted are Mi pad 1 and lenovo S8-50f.The main usage will be media consumption with videos upto 4k and lil bit of gaming.And...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    My Ushanet Broadband speed test.Patna
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    FS: Networking ADSL Modem and cables

    I have two ADSL modems and four meters long RJ11 cable TPlink and Digisol No warranty and invoice for digisol Warranty and invoice available for tp-link
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    User Review iPhone SE 64 GB Review

    Apple!WHY? Sane homo sapiens when spend their hard earned dimes and nickels on a dead asset,contemplate a lot.We look out for the slightest flaws but when the pros weighs more than the cons,we decide to buy.But when the time passes by,we start heeding the shortcomings.Those shortcomings we have...