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    English TV series discussion

    +1 to VLC on android. I play everything at 1.2 - 1.3x the speed.
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    Careers and Employment Thread

    I am from Bhopal. But I am open to relocation.
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    Careers and Employment Thread

    Hi guys, Looking for a new job in IT, preferably one that will expose me to multiple technologies. I have 2.5 years of experience, the majority in Cisco networks. Please let me know if you are aware of any such openings. Thanks.
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    Budget 0-20k Need laptop

    I got this recently for 21k after considering all the cashbacks. If you can wait a few days for a bank-specific offer on this, then you will be able to get this for near 22K. Which is a very good deal IMO. Few CONS: No ethernet port. No 5GHZ wifi support No optical drive While the screen is...
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    English TV series discussion

    It's both. I am not sure if it's the same app that you are using. Check the links below.
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    English TV series discussion

    No idea. But if you are having sync issues with trakt and its apps (like I did) then I would recommend moving to Tv Time. Works beautifully and is overall better than apps that sync to trakt (IMO).
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    BSNL increases pre FUP speed, starts at min 8 Mbps

    They managed to fix my issue. No idea what they did, since I was not around. But its working fine now. I asked BSNL about this and their staff recommended that I get a new connection and get the old one terminated. They don't care if it's at the same address. I am really interested in those...
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    BSNL increases pre FUP speed, starts at min 8 Mbps

    SDO had started ignoring my call, so I rang up CGM office and within 15 mins he called me back to apologize. He has promised to solve the issue tomorrow. Let's see.
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    BSNL increases pre FUP speed, starts at min 8 Mbps

    They have limited my line to 4mbps and that seemed to have fixed the issue. As per BSNL, they have done everything they could to fix my problem at this point. FTTH is not feasible at my location.
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    BSNL increases pre FUP speed, starts at min 8 Mbps

    While the offer is still going on I am noticing a lot of disconnections in my line. After I get back my connectivity the speed is reduced to my post FUP limit, but if I reboot my modem I get back my pre FUP speeds. This happens almost 10 times a day now and is irritating at the very least.
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing in India is rage inducing!! mini gpu guide

    Looks like they are all used products.
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    SBI says husband can't use wife's debit card, court agrees

    Yes. Depends on the card and the limit you have set up.
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    Sennheiser India feedback thread

    A few years ago a friends IE8 went bad and Sennheiser sent him a brand new IE80 as a replacement. Didn't even ask him to return the faulty unit. Exceptional after sales service IMO.
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    Everything about Torrents

    Use this to get rid of ads in utorrent.
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    Only 4% of them have credit cards in India

    Banks often have competition among circles to see who can issue the most no of credit cards. You can get one easily if you apply during this time. I got one from Axis when I was in 2nd year of college with no income. There is no harm in having a credit card. Unless you have no self-control, in...