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    Budget 0-20k How much should I pay for this config??

    Thank you so much! Well, these numbers are generous or miserable one? :)
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    Budget 0-20k How much should I pay for this config??

    I'm getting a deal for 3 year old rig, which has: - Intel Q9550 Processor - Intel DG45ID motherboard - Western Digital 500 GB HD (@7200 RPM) - Zotax 9600 GTX - 4 GB DDR (2 x 2GB) - Local PSU - LG DVD R/W - 2233sw Samsung (22") My queries are: 1. How much ideally should I pay(min/max range)? 2...
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    Need your opinion on buying Body Massager, which is Awesome!!

    Hey Everyone, I recently visited Garuda Mall at Bangalore and had a experience with gadget from OSIM's uSueeze...and trust me, I felt that I should buy that right on spot. Now questions which putting me on hold are: - Are devices like these are good for body and heatlh? - Does they make you...
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    English TV series discussion

    Checkout 'Game of Thrones'...its awesome! If you like movies like Lord of the Rings, Troy etc, than most likely you will also like this series.
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    Audio Need upgrade to my AudioEngine A5+

    Hello TE Tribe.. I'm looking to have a upgrade to Audioengine A5+. Meanwhile considering for Dynaudio BM5A, Adam A7, but open for any suggestion. Availability of bookshelves-speakers is not a problem because my friend is coming from States in 2nd week of October, 2012. Budget constraint <...
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    WTB Swan M200MkIII

    Hello TE Tribe, Once again, I want to seek your help. After doing a long research and reading(googling), I came to point to buy "Swan M200MkIII" model. I met several peeps at SP Road as well also called few Chennai dealers, but failed to find any distributor who deals in Swan. Finally failed...
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    Spring Mattress

    Thank you @mjumrani, @guptavis, @djmykey, @agupta02, @abhifusion, I really appreciate your kind-inputs. Well, I really respect your opinions, but right now I'm in Bangalore, and here I found 2 more premium brands ie. Shoba Restoplus & Snoozer, and I really liked both over Sleepwell, Kurl-on and...
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    Spring Mattress

    Hey Everyone, I need suggestions and your valuable opinions for a good spring-mattress. I can max damage myself upto 50k. Open to buy/import, if any good is option. @mods: I'm not sure, whether its a legitimate-post or not, if making any violations, please remove the post.
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    Linux Big Data and Hadoop

    I absolutely agree with @blackprince. My 2cents: Hadoop: It's a framework, doing map-n-reduce(broadly)...thats it. BigData: A concept, pointing to huge-datasets, precisely issues pertaining to 3-V's, Velocity, Variety and Volume at which data is growing. Now about your conversation with DBA...
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    Suggestions for good Personal Finance Software

    Hey TE Tribe, I'm looking for some good personal finance software, like Intuit's SaaS-app. Particularly reason why I pointed out this app is- Intuit somehow having partners-channel(collaboration) with if you do any transaction using your bank-a/c or ATM or CC, it fetch out...
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    Sharing Internet over WiFi

    You can keep a cap, on the connected nodes on your network. To apply, this you have to configure your wifi-router. Or else run your torrents in some VM, on you lappie, and put a software-cap on your lappy, for that VM-image.
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    New Keyboard?

    What about these... :/)
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    Audio Genius speaker sw-hf5.1 4500

    Hey Guys.. My younger brother is looking to buy "Genius speaker sw-hf5.1 4500" @ 7000/- appx. I couldn't found any reviews for this product. It would be great, if someone like to share his opinions about this product. Thanks in very-advance..for reading me. :)
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    FDI in Retail!

    Change in prices is little-doubtful, but surely Apple after sales-service will become better...In India, APPLE service is pathetic...I guess, this will be better if APPLE took the operations.
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    Books on Cloud Computing computing is more like a buzzword. There are so many things, which comes into picture...when you say cloud-computing. Most important of them are cluster/nodes, parallel-computing, fault-tolerant systems, load-balancing and many others likely. I think., wiki-page is good enough to...