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    Kindly post Speedtest results to US, UK, etc servers with your connection details.

    ACT Chennai - 200Mbps connection - Around Rs.1100 per month - FUP 1250GB 1582386649
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    Does any one know what happened to Erodov ?

    I remember couple of years back it was down for a week or more but then came back again. Not sure what will happen now.
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    The video was very touching. He never gave up and fought bravely. RIP Udit. May god give all strength to his family to overcome his loss.
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    Inverter Ac 1.5t under 30k

    Have been using 4 of this in office for more than 6 months. No problem. Cooling is good at 24 degree Celsius also. No noise and significant reduction in electricity bill but yet to calculate the exact units consumed per hour. No problem with installation also but it is ideal if someone...
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    Govt considering to Ban RO Water Purifiers?

    Also might be because of lobbying by the big players like Kent, Aquaguard to shutdown the small units. The RO water sector still seems like a very unorganized one. 1579706856 Exactly what I was doing in summer. The water shortage was so severe that we started using even the airconditoner outlet...
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    Govt considering to Ban RO Water Purifiers?

    Came across this article sometime back. Are they serious about this or is the govt trying to regulate RO water purifier industry?
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    CPU/Mobo Press power button atleast 3-5 times, to start PC.

    Hair dryer will be too hot and may damage the components. The amount of dust there, it requires a blower or compressed air. You can also use the blower in vacum cleaner in short burst to clear the dust and later use isopropyl alcohol to wipe out the dirt.
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    CPU/Mobo Press power button atleast 3-5 times, to start PC.

    That really needs some cleaning probably with a blower or to be safe with a can of compressed air.
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    Inverter Not Turning On, but supplying power

    I have a unique problem with the microtek inverter. Off-late when ever there is a voltage drop the power to the inverter gets disconnected and the inverter starts working through battery mode. I have to manually switch off the inverter switch. Once I do this the power supply to the inverter is...
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    Expired/Defunct RSA SecurID Token

    I have one and got it from the system admin from the previous company but I am not letting it go. Many available in
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    Few letter keys on laptop keyboard stopped working

    I had the same problem and used compressed air to get it work again. If that doesn't solve there might still be some debris inside the key retainer and if you are up to it you can use a flat head screwdriver and gently pry open the problematic keys and check if there are dust or debris which...
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    Deskjet/Inkjet printer for around 10K or less

    I had a epson which I used for around 3 years until the printing head conked off. Then got a canon which came around two and half years and the paper feeding roller failed and servicing was not an option due to the high spare parts amount. Epson was used regularly atleast three to four days in a...
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    Deskjet/Inkjet printer for around 10K or less

    Yes, true. Infact this is the third printer. Inkjet printers never lasts more than couple of years.
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    Deskjet/Inkjet printer for around 10K or less

    Yes, connectivity is only USB. I thought about wireless but inktank along with wireless was above my budget and besides I have a desktop that it is connected. Mainly bought it for my daughter's project works that requires many color prints, otherwise would have gone with a laser printer. I have...
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    Amazon India - Feedback Thread

    Yes, it was a Prime order sold by cloudtail and fulfilled by Amazon. Well then most of the positive reviews glorifying a product should be a paid one especially if it is sold by cloudtail and fulfilled by Amazon. Unbelievable.