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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Guys, how much money can I sell my Dell all-in-one PC for? Its 20 inch 1600x900 , intel core-i3-4400, 4gb RAM, 64GB SSD (i replaced the original HDD) without OS (came with ubuntu), wireless keyboard and mouse. I got it for 40k about 4 years ago. Please advise...
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    Video My 3 years experience in Tata Sky

    If you have just a single TV then normal LNB will do
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    Video My 3 years experience in Tata Sky

    Yes, only the LNB part can be replaced, they dont ask to replace the whole dish. Even a new LNB will give you issues during rains. My setup only goes blank for few minutes when it rains then signal returns to normal while it is still raining. I had normal LNB for many years then replaced it...
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    Video My 3 years experience in Tata Sky

    Probably the LNB needs cleaning or just changing.
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    Windows Unusual Low Virtual memory error: Hows that possible?

    See Specifically read the "more information" paragraph at the end. It says "This behavior may occur even if the computer has lots of RAM."
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    Can Jio Fiber modem be made into a dumb modem (bridge mode)?

    Some people mention web UI password as Jiocentrum not sure if its the same for console root login
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    DismGuiLite : Simple, easy to use GUI for DISM. Added WimlibGuiLite.

    did you write the code for this tool? why not put it up on github/gitlab or something?
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    It's possible your wiring is at a higher distance to their "server room" so the speeds can't reach 40 mbps due to signal losses.
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    Video My 3 years experience in Tata Sky

    Same here, been a Tata Sky customer for 10-11 years now, and never faced any issues really, with two HD+ recording STBs (DVRs). Even in monsoon the signal hardly drops for 2-3 minutes when rains start after that it's back to normal. Only thing is the pinch of the cost, it has steadily been...
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    Can Jio Fiber modem be made into a dumb modem (bridge mode)?

    That post is talking about changing the netgear ROUTER to bridge mode not the Jio fiber modem :)
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    Simple & cheap way to use JioFi with ethernet (PC) ? For Puppy Linux.

    I had got a TP-Link wifi pcie adapter (150 mbps wifi-N) which has a Qualcomm Atheros chipset and that worked out of the box with mainstream linux distros since the last 4-5 years.
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    Has anyone seen anything posted on official twitter or website yet?
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    Which are the torrent sites not blocked by Airtel & Relaince?

    Yeah original TPB site opening for me on BSNL FTTH too.
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    Online Broadband Speed Monitor

    What's your location in Pune? 1567351077 Are you the same casual gentleman from IBF forum??? located in shastri nagar??? :D 1567351280 funkatronic???