1. C

    Budget 51-70k Buying a Pc for first time

    My Budget for the Pc is around 50k-80k? Looking to play Battle Royal Games like fortnite,apex and also action games like GTA,Batman Also looking for min of 120 fps Where should i buy the components from online or store in Chennai? Thanks in Advance
  2. ultraportable

    FS: Headphone Annure La Musique Waterproof Sports High Bass Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Headsets with Mic BE01

    Annure La Musique Waterproof IPX7 Sports High Bass Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Headsets with Mic BE01 Which is with Qualcomm CSR technology. Hardly used with original box, bill etc You can pay using Paytm / amazon gift voucher / Bhim UPI / Bank transfer or personally come home, test it and buy...
  3. vats

    "Ather" A Survival Horror Game Developed By Indian Developers

    "Ather- In the forest of the night" is a Survival-Horror Game Developed By LazyMonks Entertainment, an Indie Game Studio Based in Rajasthan, India. About This Game:- It is not just another game about jumpscares and scary ambiences but is backed by powerful story. Developed using Real-World...
  4. A

    Do you re play games

    Hey folks, I am just curious if you guys play same game again and again. e.g. I keep going back to mass effect series and play as different classes with different approaches (renegade vs. paragon) etc. Also, Skyrim, because it never ends. I have like 2 characters in Skyrim, one has seen it all...
  5. N

    Budget 51-70k Gaming laptop under 70K ?

    I want to buy gaming laptop under 70k. Advice me which laptop i should consider. My personal choice is Acer Nitro 5 (i5 variant) suggest me better option if any also suggest me from where should I buy laptops online. Thank you ! :) ;)
  6. E

    Gamers, I am doing research on eye fatigue

    Hey gamers! So I am undertaking a project wherein I have a 5 question survey asking about gamers getting eye fatigue when playing for a long period. Link: This basically asks you about eye fatigue when you game and if & how much you're willing to spend to...
  7. P

    WTB Halo 5

    Looking to buy a 100% functional Halo 5 disc. Open to both regular, special editions. Also, I already have a defective copy that gets stuck at 16% installation. I bought it from a guy locally, who's being insanely cheap and not taking it back. I don't mind paying some cash alongside my copy...
  8. H

    WTB PS3 Titles

    Just bought a ps3 recently. Looking for any used games. Ping me :)
  9. rakesh.kumar

    Laptops Free Dos

    Hi friends, a question, I like MSI NB a lot. A store sales just introduced me GE62, it has a lot of features like Nahimic sound system, Steel Series Engine & Xplit Gamecaster streaming etc. Problem is it’s a Free DOS laptop, I am a bit concerned that if I installed my own windows system. Will it...
  10. gREen

    Logitech G510/510S - Discussion Thread

    Many of them bought G510s from amazon on deals last months or so. It replaced my Sidewinder X6 which i love it. Okay the main USP or *** we bought this KB is for the display but later found the not all games are supported because of the api restriction and the profiles the say are the key...
  11. scott1391990

    Linux Need help in making android game

    So my friend is making a game for android via tutorials only and not learning any language or software anywhere. The game has almost completed but there are two problems. 1) How to add music to the game in unity? 2) How to create a popup for restart, go to main menu etc when player dies? It's a...