1. E

    WTB [WTB] MacBook Air 13"

    WTB a macbook air 13". Pm me your offers.
  2. atibrewal

    FS: Laptop Apple Macbook Air 13.3"- intel Core i5 - 4GB Ram - 128GB SSD

    ** Sold ** Apple Macbook Air SOLD 13.3 " Display Year - Mid 2013 Intel Core i5 (1.3GHz) 4GB Ram 128 GB SSD Excellent Condition Macbook Air comes with original charger. Selling Price :- 23000
  3. CleoRBark

    Budget 90k+ Windows v Mac

    I am an architecture student. I just wanted to know which laptop would be better for me- windows or Mac? Requirements- 1. Should be an i7 processor 2. Revit/autoCAD/grasshopper/SketchUp/Photoshop etc. should run 3. Clocking speed should be 3.5ghz
  4. jammy420

    FS: Storage Hardware Transcend 256 Gb Storage Expansion Card For 13-Inch Macbook Pro Retina Display

    Transcend Jetdrive Lite 330 256 Gb Storage Expansion Card For 13-Inch Macbook Pro Retina Display (Ts256Gjdl330) Check Compatibility with your machine before messaging me. 256 GB (MLC chips) Storage expansion card for MacBook.Operating Voltage 2.7V-3.6V,Operating Temperature -25°C (-13°F) -...
  5. PHOENiX117

    Budget 71-90K Laptop for schoolwork.

    my first post this year! I need a new laptop, I have a mid-range rig that i use for all my work, but i cant take it anywhere. I will pull the trigger next week. it should last well enough to function as a video player after 2 years. Note- I will avoid Gamery designed laptops,love gaming but...
  6. Neerav

    FS: Laptop Macbook Pro 13" 2013 MD102LL/A / Corsair 120GB SSD+16GB G.Skill RAM

    Product Name: Macbook Pro 13" non-retina Magsafe charger 60W Expected Price: Rs 60000 Shipping charges: N/A Manufacturer page Description if any: Never serviced apart from battery changed from an authorized Apple serviced center just a few months ago. No hardware issues or...
  7. Arjan

    Budget 90k+ What MacBook model to buy?

    My ~9 year old Sony Vaio is dead, save the hard drive. Therefore, I am in search for a personal laptop. Having used MacBooks belonging to friends and cousins, I am pretty sure, it fulfills all my requirements. I would be using it for web surfing, movies, music, education (notes, ppt decks, word...