washing machine

  1. Futureized

    New Washing Machine Suggestion Semi-Automatic as budget is max 12K to 15K

    Mom fell in the bathroom and has hip fracture, washing machine is needed urgently budget-conscious now as she is also detected COVID positive (and home quarantine), will make a separate topic about the same for suggestions. Local Dealer suggested following in exchange of 8 years old machine...
  2. R

    Which Bosch/Siemens washing machine for 35000/-

    Looking for 8kg Bosch or Siemens front loading washing machine Location: Navi Mumbai Budget: Around 35k I have selected two models Bosch WAT2846WIN (MRP 42,200) Siemens WM14T461IN (MRP 40,700/-) The one dealer I met offered 15% discount on the Bosch (including exchange existing machine) which...
  3. gstechy

    Looking for a washing machine

    Dear Friends, We are three adult family. We own Godrej washing machine which is about 5-6 years old. Giving problems, not solved yet. Now we wish to go for a new machine. Fully automatic, top loading. We may use daily. At the maximum 6.5 kag when once in a while we wash blankets and curtains...