BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

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    Fire in his belly lol. Frauds like this are our future I guess.

    Another fine lady with fire in her belly:
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    Must not divorce what he is saying from the context. The context is the strikes and the behaviour of the opposition. On day 1 every one was united. It soon felt apart after.

    The Paks were banging us with their rhetoric and it appeared like the opposition were helping them. That's where the with us or against us comes from.

    On matters of national security they cannot be two views in any party. This creates openings for our adversaries to exploit.
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    He's no different to a sales man for me. I can poke a lot of holes in what he's saying and so can anybody.

    It's good to see young blood in politics for a change. The rest of the field is a lot older.
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    Sorry, I thought it was common knowledge by now that he has tweeted against women in the past, dreads women's reservation, and a "close friend" of his had tweeted that she was abused by him.
    He has put out a media gag order, which seems to have had a Streisand effect.

    I was earlier impressed that the BJP were walking the talk and pushing youth/new faces, but turns out he's already well connected in the BJP and a nephew of an MLA.

    On a side note, someone was talking about the increases in Income Tax collections. A few days before March 31st they were significantly short of their "target" :
    What happened in the next few days was nothing short of a shakedown, with even my 90 yr old grandma receiving rude calls asking to pay advance tax (senior non-salaried citizens are not liable to pay advance tax).
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    I've never understood why women should have reservation in the first place but we have enough laws towards that effect already. In terms of representation in parliament & the assembly. What is the effect ? placeholders for the male leaders associated with instead of more women joining. The participation of women in politics has reduced over the years due to lack of security. As far as the gag order, it seems the grant was made because under the guise of corruption people were using it to attack him. The gag is only temporary which serves his purpose as election results will be out by May's end.

    metoo business i'm going to ignore. If a man of 28yr isn't "womanising" then i don't know what to say. Any guy of some status is an easy target for this sort of blackmail. Let's see some cosnsistent abuse over a longer period of time.

    The part i found strange with BJP & misogyny is from what i could tell BJP were trying their best to attract the woman voter. Alienating women is the last thing they want to do. I see the triple talaq ban as a positive step in the regard. Also has the side effect of attracting the muslim vote at least those women who feel strongly about it :)

    Would explain his confidence. He's been at it for nearly ten years now.

    At the same time his youth is also a problem. Whether he can win remains to be seen and such a young person selected means somebody older missed out so that creates resentment.

    BJP likes to slam its competition as dynastic. But dynasts don't have succession issues so party discipline can be maintained. The problem with the board of directors model the BJP follows means everybody wants to be a director.

    Dunno what to make of this. In the pulwama thread we discussed stats that showed a steady increase in tax payers over the years. And this increase was constant since 2013 making me doubt notes ban had much effect here at all.
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    I know you many not be correct but I am also not wrong. Btw, is he your candidate
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    my vote is going to Modi in this election.

    At the state level i'm not for the BJP. National level is different. You have a leader here which wants to be PM and has shown his determination. Wish there were leaders like this at the local level

    This feeling that the grass is greener. Why do other states have better leaders than mine.
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    A former CM of Karnataka. Liked his drink and his women. He wasn't 28

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    Project as in today[​IMG]
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    ^Who is Swathi K ?
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    Heard or Google ? Use it.
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    give me a link. Should have provided that
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    Error in Manifesto.jpg
    I can relate this to a certain bhakt's English know-how on this forum:D
    Page Number 32 on the manifesto.
    Reference: BJP-election-2019-mainfesto
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    India is witnessing a listless growth in electricity demand, possibly signaling more slowdown in Asia’s third-largest economy.

    Economic growth slowed to 6.6 percent in the three months to December, the weakest pace in six quarters. The International Monetary Fund Tuesday cut the nation’s growth outlook for this year to 7.3 percent from 7.5 percent seen in January.
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    Congress keeps it simple to just one tune, BJP has put out quite a few

    ^pretty good

    And that chowkidar tune has been translated into numerous other languages as well.
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    CSDS survey conducted at the end of the last month has the below estimate for seats. Congress isn't expected to cross 100. Should they do so they become dangerous if they touch 140

    CSDS 2019 seats estimate.JPG

    Lots in that report. Do take a look.

    CSDS 2019 southern india.JPG
    Wow! well this southerner disagrees :)
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    This article is difficult to follow. Gets into gritty details without explaining context very well.

    Aren't there political parties that own tv channels already putting out paid news. What is the problem here ?

    The other thing i don't get is why launch on March 31 and not earlier

    Also no youtube presence

    Then you must be reading things too strictly :)
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    Good course correction by BJP, eh?
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    Another theory why Vajpayee lost. Turnout. People didn't show up in enough numbers because they assumed he would win. Moral of the story is a lower turnout favours the opposition.

    Every booth will have VVPAT. Press the button and see your vote as you cast it

    No more controvery !
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