Audio Good Stereo Speakers


Happy TE User
Aug 4, 2005
Hey guys, I want to get good stereo speakers, this is what I was thinking, your suggestions are welcome. I, of course, would like to hear them after suggestions, so any help there would be lovely. I'm Mumbai based

Speakers/Sound I want
* Clear, well-balanced, warm sound, clinically accurate sound not required
* Will be next to the computer most of the time, playing music via the computer or smartphone
* Is it possible to shift them to the other room playing music wirelessly from the computer? As I play for my mom in her room, otherwise too loud across two rooms. A Bluetooth speaker solves that for me, I was wondering if I can shift perhaps floor-standing speakers on wheels to her room to enjoy some lovely music via good speakers
* Possible to connect the phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
* Note, I do want good bass too, so if these are monitors then, Sub-bass will be needed, though portability is out of the question then
* Budget - I don't think I want to go above 1Lac.