1. Ablife7


    Headphones: Beats solo 3 wireless - Black Comes with Original Cover Item Condition : 9.5/10, Not used much Remaining Warranty Period: None No bill and box
  2. F

    FS: Home Audio Video Monitor Audio A100 DAC / Amplifier

    Selling Monitor Audio A100 DAC/Amplifier. While physical condition can be rated 3/5, it Performs flawlessly so working is 5/5. What you see in images is what you will get. Selling at 22000 OBO.
  3. G

    FS: Others Clearance Sale - must go quick

    Prices mentioned do not include shipping Local buyers preferred, but willing to ship at buyer's risk. Only the TPLINK ARCHER TX20UH has a bill , attached as well. Have reduced prices further and wish to clear them out quick. All products except the H67 Motherboard come with 1 week testing...
  4. lepermessiah

    User Review A gathering of Mid Tier IEMs- UE 18+ Pro, Softears Studio 4, Empire Ears ESR, Symphonium Meteor, TRI Starshine, Shozy Elsa and BGVP V12

    Introduction: After a particularly gruelling week, I had dropped by to stay at my friend’s place over the weekend for some peace and quiet. It was a pleasantly balmy afternoon and a gentle breeze played around the balcony overlooking his garden. The chirping sounds of the birds and the lush...
  5. G

    FS: Others Yet Another Clearance Sale

    All prices are excluding shipping, Chennai folks can pickup the products locally as well. Shipping extra at buyers risk, will be using delhivery Just another round of clearing out the old stuff that's been lying unused for years. Some remained unopened till pictures were taken. Intel i3 3240 +...
  6. K

    Audio KZ ZSN Pros about to give out and I'm bored with Blon BL03, any good upgrade / sidegrade under 3k?

    Pretty much title. I have asked for opinions before as well, but thought I will make a fresh thread, here is the old thread for those interested - And my upgrades are as follows - Fiio...
  7. A

    Audio Please suggest if this is a good buy [Amplifier]

    Looking for amplifier recommendations I'm considering buying this Please suggest. I have 2 Micca RB42-C speakers Budget : <15,000 INR
  8. Naveen_Reloaded

    Car & Bike XUV700 Car Audio upgrade

    Planning to buy a new car in coming months. The company car audio setup is not upto the mark from my research thus far. So thought of making plans to upgrade either soon after delivery or after 6 months time. I have no clue what constitutes audio setup in car. Also the local shops have hi-fi...
  9. A

    Audio Soundbar keeps turning on

    Hi all. I'm Arvi. My Zebronics JukeBar 3650 keeps turning on automatically after the TV has been turned off. I have checked all HDMI-CEC handshake tutorials out there, and none of them deal with my issue. Nevertheless, I tried them all to no avail. My TV is a Panasonic TH-43MX710, if that...
  10. A

    FS: Home Audio Video Toppings A30 pro,D30 pro,25cm xlr cable

    Selling toppings A30pro amp and dac D30pro with 25cm toppings xlr cables.Very lightly used and are in perfect condition.Comes with original boxes,whatever comes with.invoice available but no warranty.
  11. MagicianRecon

    FS: Others Clearance Sale (Xbox, Keyboard, Mice, Apple Mac, Audio, Webcam, Tablet)

    Looking to clear out a lot of my unused stuff. Most of these have been impulse buys and have been either rarely used or not used at all, unless otherwise specified. 1. Xbox Series X - a month old. In warranty. With invoice, box and all accessories. Have used this for maybe a couple of days...
  12. Prakhar Srivastava

    Audio Building an Audiophile-Quality CD Playback System on a Budget

    Hey everyone, I am pursuing a new project to build a high-quality yet affordable audio CD system. My goal is to leverage quality components - new or used - to extract the most detail and musicality from my CD collection within a reasonable budget. While my budget is flexible, I'm focused on...
  13. itsvel06

    FS: Headphone Final Audio A5000 IEM- Soundstage specialists - Like new In Box - With Bill and warranty

    These are well known for having a massive soundstage with excellent technicalities and good tonal balance. Purchased from: Headphonezone On 27 May 2023 Purchase price: Rs. 25000 Condition: Like New In box, Max usage time: 5hrs Inclusions: All included accessories, tips, carrying case, box Item...
  14. K

    FS: Headphone Excellent Condition Bose Sport Earbuds (in warranty)

    Hi everyone, I am putting up for sale my Bose Sport earphone bought in Sep'22. They are in immaculate condition as I have been using them rarely. They are still in warranty till 22 September 2023, so you get ample time to test them out. I will be giving only the Bose charging case and the...
  15. C

    TWS around 3k

    Looking for TWS earphones around the 3K range solely for music and spoken word (podcasts, audio books). Won't be using it for calls, so mic quality is unimportant (preferably without mic, if such models exist). Looking for something with a okayish to decent audio quality and of decent build...
  16. K

    Need to streamline my audio situation - budget 2-4k

    I listen songs mainly on spotify, and podcasts on YouTube / spotify. Here is my current setup - Phone (~80% usage) - iPhone 14 (Bought the earphone dongle but man its anemic, build quality isn't assuring) DAC - Audient iD4, will be used with desktop / laptop IEMS - KZ ZSN Pro with a mismatched...
  17. mayank4823

    FS: Home Audio Video Boya ByM1 Auxiliary Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone with 20ft Audio Cable (Black)

    Selling a perfectly working mic which isnt needed anymore because I bought a new headset which has a mic.
  18. E

    FS: Home Audio Video Sound Card - Asus Xonar DGX PCIe 5.1

    Product Name: Asus Xonar DGX PCIe 5.1 sound card with built in amp. Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Works with PCIe x1 slot so there will be no issue while installing. It can power headphones up to 200 ohms.
  19. Bhaalu

    Where can I buy earcups for EKSA E900 Pro model?

    I bought these about 2 years back and they work flawlessly just that cups are wearing out. They're changeable but there's no official listing from company about new one on website nor on amazon.
  20. C

    WTB Bluetooth Audio Receiver with RCA out

    Preferably a battery-driven model. Thank you.