1. ninjenstein

    Which headphone AMP to buy?

    Hello! Currently, I'm looking at Schiit Magni 3+ and will be feeding it through an Apple USB c to 3.5mm dongle, but I don't know whether the warranty is handled well by Headphone Zone. Or would you recommend any other AMP (or a DAC-AMP) instead? My headphones are HiFiMAN HE400i, with 35ohm...
  2. C

    WTB USB audio interface

    Looking for a USB audio interface. Preferably 2 input - Focusrite 2i2, Steinberg UR22C or equivalent. Kindly PM offers. Thank you.
  3. C

    2.0 audio setup advice

    From a Edifier C2 setup (backstory here), considering an upgrade to a 2.0 studio monitor + a USB sound interface system. * Looking for something basic and inexpensive (~15K), since it's my first foray into anything remotely audio-enthusiast grade. * Doesn't need to sound perfect. Just starting...
  4. nikrusty

    Audio Fixing my AKG K601

    Hi Guys, I wanted your advice. I've my trusty old AKG K601 Headphone which I used every day. It has served me well over the years. Now it has developed an issue where the cable meets the headphone, there is a distortion whenever the cable moves (the audio comes and goes due to movement). I can...
  5. T

    FS: Headphone Withdrawn - Sennheiser HD 598SE

    Had purchased it in latter half of 2016, so it is out of warranty. The original audio cable stopped working over a year ago, so had purchased a compatible braided cable for 700-800 bucks instead. On the flip side, it also has audio controls and microphone which the original cable did not. The...
  6. C

    Suggestions to drive 2.1 speakers

    After the control unit in my Edifier C2 2.1 speaker system died, I'm stuck with just the working speakers. After initially deciding to buy a new 2.1 system (even put up a WTB thread here), I'm now considering buying an amplifier to drive the existing speakers. All 3 speakers are in impeccable...
  7. Rezep

    PC Peripherals Faint Bzzzz sound (electric noise) even after using a usb soundcard

    Hey there members TL: DR :- Electric noise interference even after using usb sound card, return and buy more expensive usb adapter? Need a little help here,so i had just bought this USB hub/Soundcard for my pc. I needed one since when i connect my earphones to my front audio port, an irritating...
  8. A

    FS: MP3 Player Astell and kern AK240

    Astell and kern AK240, brand new condition with leather cover, box and accessories. Barely used. Purchased from authorised dealer of Astell and kern AK240 in Mumbai. Can provide bill on whats app and live demo. Original price rs 155000
  9. A

    FS: Home Audio Video Naim muso, gen 1

    Naim muso, gen 1 Purchased from marbin, Mumbai, authorised dealer of naim products. Can give his number for verification. Also demo on video call. Condition brand new, barely used with original packaging and box. Whats app 9971876870
  10. adibaba

    FS: Headphone RHA MA750 Excellent Condition 1 year old

    High quality sound RHA MA750 excellent condition 1 year old, I have hardly used them as I was using the ATH-IM02 . All tips are included i can even provide extra COMPLY tips( 3 pairs in total ) , Blue tips are of Sony hybrids tips.
  11. nikrusty

    Audio Good Stereo Speakers

    Hey guys, I want to get good stereo speakers, this is what I was thinking, your suggestions are welcome. I, of course, would like to hear them after suggestions, so any help there would be lovely. I'm Mumbai based Speakers/Sound I want * Clear, well-balanced, warm sound, clinically accurate...
  12. vaalkai

    Audio Used AV Receiver

    So, i am thinking of getting a used AVR for my audio needs, i cannot afford new and have very limited budget. I haven't used an AVR before, anything i need to look out for when buying? Thinking of searching in OLX, Any other recommendations? is there any trusted place which sells them in...
  13. A

    FS: Others Guitar Pedals (source audio, hot hand, boss volume, fuzz)

    Hello guys, Selling some of my pedals which have been in storage for quite sometime now. And I plan to move cities and also since I don't play as much I'm looking to letting them go. 1. Source audio multiwave distortion - 5k Product link...
  14. AudioGeek

    FS: Headphone Ultimate Ears UE900, Noble Audio Savannah

    For Sale are Audiophile Earphones which are Brand New in box/sealed, never opened. Best prices you could ever get in India, Guaranteed. Product Name & Expected Price: IEM's: Ultimate Ears UE900S - 25,000 Noble Audio Savannah - 28,000 Source and Time of Purchase: 2017 Reason...
  15. DigitalDude

    FS: Home Audio Video Asus Xonar Essence STX PCIe x1 Audio/Sound Card (Used)

    Product Name: Asus Xonar Essence STX PCIe x1 Audio/Sound Card (Used) Expected Price: Rs.5,000/- Rs.4,800/- Rs.4,500/- Rs.4,000/- Shipping charges: Excluded. At actuals. Manufacturer page URL: Asus Xonar Essence STX Description: The sound card is in perfect working condition. My PC is well...
  16. D

    FS: Home Audio Video Altec Lansing Jacket Bluetooth Speaker, Model: iMW455)

    For Sale - One of the best BT speaker ever created. Great, tight bass and clarity and a very reputed brand ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker, Model: Jacket (Sounds Great, Dual Speakers, Great Bass and clarity). Don't have its original charger. Compatible...
  17. 4b33r

    Audio Best Earphones Under 1k

    Hello everyone, Greetings, First of all I would like to take a second to introduce myself (I know I shouldn't do this here but it's short.) As this is my first post here chances are that none of you know me.I am a PC enthusiast and gamer,I cannot be considered an audiophile by any means but...
  18. egobrain.exe

    Audio Suggestions for headphones within 10k!

    Hey Guys, As the festive season is around the corner, its time to add some new stuff to my collection. This time around I am looking for some solid headphones (over-the-ear preferably). I need good suggestions, I do have some ideas but I know we have folks here who can help me and have a far...
  19. viralbug

    FS: Headphone Audio Technica AD700

    Audio Technica AD700 - This is a few years old, but usage is very less. Condition is decent. No damages, regular wear and tear. Working perfectly fine. Have original box. Expected Price - Rs. 4500 No shipping. Local buyers only. SOLD Fiio E10K - Over a year old. Had used very less for few...
  20. A

    Audio Best Headphone / Earphone Repair Shop in Delhi NCR

    Hi, The 3.5 mm 4 pole audio jack of my high end earphone have been damaged. As my there are no service centers here in India I'm very much reluctant to get the item repaired in some shoddy shop where they may further damage the product. I'm looking to find a decent repair shop in Delhi NCR who...