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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by Mr.J, Jan 23, 2019.

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    Currently have only looked at Bluestar offerings. Am thinking of going for their vertical kitchen reach-in refrigerators. Theu also have under-counter options which really intrigue me. I also have the option of going to a manufacturer and getting a custom piece built at quite competitive prices. The local vendors can sometimes offer much better prices than big brands.
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    Post some links, lets see what they look like
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    These are the normal reach-in chillers and freezers. Comes with removable gaskets, adjustable racks which are actually very useful as you can adjust to any height you want. Not quick adjustable but still gives you the flexibility. Complete copper condenser and industrial grade temp sensors.


    These are the undercounter versions, which seem great.

    Best part is they are built from food grade SS so very easy to clean. Outer look is also SS which is something I like, but might not appeal to everyone.
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  4. blr_p

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    So you would need one of each. As you either get a chiller or a freezer. Not two in one.
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    I've been told you can customize the under-counter ones. Also, that's why I want to go the reputed local vendors way as they offer much more customization. Also, Blue Star also have a more traditional chest freezer/cooler combo where one section is the freezer and one the cooler.
    What helps me is that I have actual industrial needs as well so I can buy individual versions as well.
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    What are the prices like ?
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    Bought a LG 8kg front load machine, build quality and finish is so so. Whirlpools are still better built, but they all come with sealed tub and belt drive.
    Miele 7kg front load costs upwards of 85k, the brochure says it's tested equivalent to 2 hr cycle, 5 times a week for 20 years. Build quality and finish is on a different level. But even if it last 20 years, one can get 2.5 to 3 washing machines from lg, whirlpool, bosch for the same price and the technology will keep on improving as will the efficiency.
    Had it been priced around 60k I would have bought.
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    What is the model #

    85k is reasonable. Fairly close to UK prices.

    When i enquired back in 2014 they wanted twice as much

    W 1714 1lakh 79,000
    W 5922 2lakh 60,000
    3yr warranty - 17k

    Completely ridiculous

    The parts will be more, as will the labour.

    I have no complaints with the LG i have. Or with the other brands there. That's the reason they are mass products.

    Cleans well though this more a function of detergent and how soon it gets washed before stains set in.
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    Its a FHT1208sww white color, got some good deal initially at near by dealer, only to know it was display piece when it arrived, refused delivery had only payed like 2k advance which he returned.

    Long story short bought it from Amazon.

    Heard the parts are cheaper in Lg and the fact that it has a removable tub, tilted me from whirlpool to Lg. Would it kill them to make panel gaps less and more consistent, its just like my Lg microwave with panel gaps.

    Miele that you saw was in 2014 where swankier models with a dot matrix display vs the current 7 segment display of the current models.
  10. blr_p

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    Wow, look at the size of that door :eek:

    With the door open i recognise the machine more. Display is different, mine is like the video below.

    Don't know if you need this any more but its a neat hack for spin only without the rinse.

    Goes up to 1200 spin. In the present weather a 400 spin does fine

    Turbo wash is new. I'm fine with a 2h wash. Idea of the machine is to clean. Energy conservation and faster wash is secondary.

    ThinQ is new, wifi controlled. They say you can download 20 more wash programs but can you craft your own program ?

    Manual shows they have renamed the 'Medic rinse' modifier as rinse +

    Medic rinse does a hot water rinse. Rinse+ appears to be just an additional rinse cycle to the default two.

    What impressed me about this machine was its patience at retrying a spin if unbalanced. I once watched it try at least ten times before it could get a full spin on.

    Mine has been levelled on a tiled floor and it hasn't budged since it was installed.
  11. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    That door is big serves no practical purpose, I just cannot see the inside through the glass with out a flashlight or without peeking through the glass door.
    Haven't checked the spin only option but the demo guy did show the spin option only, didn't pay attention since I was mainly concerned whether the machine vibrates in spin.

    I have never gone past the 800rpm even in my whirlpool (except the first day or so after the purchase). The lg demo guy did say not to go past 800 either atleast for the first three months of use.

    Turbo was just dumps the water directly on the clothes on the top front gasket, vs filling up the tub with water from the bottom up, (technically its located in the side). Haven't tried this option yet, but I think the pressure may not be adequate since on the first floor the tank is only 11 feet up.

    Wifi, you can download one cycle to the machine but there are many options and it also gives notifications when the cycle is complete or you can also monitor which cycle it is at wash/rinse/spin and the time remaining. Sadly you cannot customize the wash, would have been cool If one could set the wash time, spin rpm and temperature. You also cannot change the cycle default parameters via app such as temperature and spin. Only way you can change that is disconnect remote start and then physically change the temperature/spin of the downloaded wash program directly on the machine.

    This machine also unnecessarily wastes time after you press start, whether its opening the solonoid valve for the water or time it takes to go from wash to rinse, for a good couple of seconds it absolutely does nothing. The old whirlpool quickly calculates the time, adding water, changing from wash to rinse cycle is seamless.

    My floor is not level as per the spirit level, as usual the installation guys are clueless about using spirit level, all he did was he tried to shake the machine and since it didn't move he said it was fine. I was happy they left fast. They where only explaining the cost of the control panel(it was 8k or 12k, one of the two) and other parts and wanted me to go for 6k AMC.

    I checked the level diagonally and I needed to raise the front two legs, it was level and it also didn't shake when I tried to budge it but when I put it to rinse cycle for a test. The machine was shaking diagonally so dropped the legs even further down and it now appears stable.
    Although not as rock solid as my whirlpool which is also a good 15 to 20kg heavier.

    But this machine is much quieter. Hope the brushless motor reduces the power bill.
  12. blr_p

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    LG demo guy also told me not to use the 1000 rpm spin. I think i'm going to stick to 400 from now on as the clothes don't crease as much as with 800 and there is no need for the "crease control" modifier which will be necessary with faster spins. Though i don't see too much improvement with less creases, compared to just snapping clothes before line drying. Faster spin means more snapping. More work.

    My test for level when it is on spin was to put a glass of water in the centre and watch how much the water moved. In some parts of the spin cycle after it reaches full speed there is hardly any water movement in the glass and in other parts I see some disturbances. Machine is level AFAICT. This is at 800 rpm. The machine is level diagonally tested. You need to clear the top completely for this. Mine has since accumulated a few containers and detergent boxes over the years.

    The installers only do a simple rocking test which i don't think is sufficient. I had the spirit level ready when the machine arrived and made them adjust some more. Minor. I've seen people put machines on stands which serves no purpose and depending on the stand can cause more vibration. They could even refuse warranty. Especially since it easier for mice to meddle with the bottom. Ours is flat on the tiles. I never understood why people put it on a stand. A friend told me when he got a samsung the thing danced around and he was then told to get a stand and it would stop. So they do rip people off if they can. The LG guy wanted to sell me a magnetic water softener. I just smiled at him and told him to keep it. I never got an AMC. Three years in all good.

    As for water pressure am looking at yours and the minimum the manual states is (1 - 10 kgf/cm3). I find this curious as mine states ( 0.3 - 10kgf/cm3). Why has the minimum level increased since :confused:

    The best thing about LG's is they used to have the lowest minimum water pressure. A tank above the roof would be be perfectly fine with 0.3kgf/cm3. I'm not sure with yours now. Might just be enough. I can't remember the formula now but i discussed the calculation here a few years back.

    The auto resume, resumes on the cycle level so if the power cuts out anywhere in the three cycles it will resume at the beginning of the cycle. Almost at the end of a wash cycle and the power goes out, it will restart at the beginning of the wash cycle etc. There is no memory of time elapsed with my model.

    After start is seems to measure the load, never mentions how much and then its on its way. That solenoid valve holds the door after cycle ends for a few seconds as well so its imperative to watch for the red key indicator to go off. I usually return a few minutes after the end of cycle jingle so it does not bother me much.

    Is it quieter or is your other one become louder over the years. It's gradual but everybody says new machine is quieter so i wonder if that's a sign of bearings wearing out. Doesn't seem that loud by itself but the difference is obvious when compared to another.

    I don't understand the point of the wifi. I rarely need to intervene once a wash cycle begins and i'm not bothered about progress. The only time i might interrupt the cycle is to set it to rinse hold if i need to step out for a bit and then when i return continue with the spin cycle. I guess they are allowing for an alternative UI with the phone now so after loading up you can set everything from there ?
  13. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    Lol, mine already has accumilated detergent boxes and a laundry basket. Although the basket is removed when the machine is On.
    I had fallen for the water softner 10 years back with the whirlpool demo guy, but not this time. But the demo guy convinced my dad to buy descaling powder, while I was against it. Never had any scaling problem in my whirlpool.

    The machine vibrates mostly when it's spining during the rinse cycle, the wet laundry will cause imbalance as it settles in one part of the drum, all washers do a quick spin to shed of the water weight, that is why the final spin is mostly vibration free both in my whirlpool and lg. But the lg with brushless DD motors torque , does a faster job at getting it balanced.

    Will have to check about the memory on power fail. I think the older whirlpool did resume with the prior remaining time.

    My whirlpool had brand new skf bearings installed personaly by me, during the time I was waiting for the sealant to set, I ran the spin cycle with no belt, before and after cleaning the brushes and to see the life of the brush( which btw is good for another 10 years) and the motor is just as noisy as it was when new.

    After the bearing change, the weakest link now in the whirlpool is the shocks, they are not in that great shape, Hence I run the whirpool with 400rpm only. Will probably use 400 in the Lg also.

    The newer whirlpool machines also run with just o.1 kgf. Because my neigbhor already had a 7kg lg wifi FL machine with his tank being 2 feet lower then my tank and he has been running the Washer fine for few months now. so that kind a assured me. Didn't notice any difference or see any error code.
    My guess was that it's mostly due to turbo wash function, another small pipe is connected to the gasket. If the pressure is low the water will probably just fall on the glass and not directly on the laundry. Only one way to find out.

    In the app you can only choose the cycle and start, it didn't allow me to change from the default spin or temperature. I used a ipad, will check if the andriod version is any different.

    The new models also have a add item button, which allows you to open the door to,put clothes after the cycle as already started, except for hot and spin cycle.
  14. blr_p

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    This magnetic water softener the guy was selling is slightly effective if water circulates in a loop as opposed to just passing through like well for a washing machine. It's snake oil.

    If you get Cauvery water there should be no scaling problem. In the dry season i measured the water hardness at 170mg/l of CaCO3 and in the rainy season it drops to around 120mg/cm3. What do those numbers mean. There is no international standard for water hardness. It seems to vary by country. The Americans say anything above 120 is hard. For the Brits that is considered moderately hard and hard for them only starts above 200. I've never had any scaling problem with geezer elements which should precipitate scaling sooner with higher temperature water. Softer water means less deetergent required than with hard but i've stuck to std measure and been fine with that.

    What i think is required though is a detergent remover as that can build up over time. I also think any kind of dirt can also accumulate in there too. I've been using Affresh tabs once every three months and its kept the machine odour free so far. Pricey at Rs.200 a pop for this product from Whirlpool. Fortune also advertises the same detergent removal capability. I saw this mentioned on their box only recently.

    As far as i know Affresh is to be used mainly if using liquid detergent as that kind of detergent residualises into fat and this can cause a stink over time Detergent powders don't have that problem but i still prefer to use the tabs. With this kind of problem once you notice it its already bad. I remember opening the door of my neighbours machine and oh there was quite a mildewy odour coming out of it. Never left it open to dry i bet. They had not used it for a while too. Thing with a bigger door is leaving it open puts pressure on the hinges and it can sag after a while. So have to close it after. I'm not so happy with the door being clouded as you said. Its better if its clear as then you can spot things easier.

    So with tank above the roof it works without giving a low pressure error then ? good then the timer must be long enough not to trip. If your neighbours machine is a few years old then its 0.3 and ok. But good to know even if it says 1 kgf/cm3 that tank just above the roof isn't an issue
  15. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    Yes it works without error, neighbors machine is a 2018 wifi model. Will check the turbo wash this weekend.

    I leave door and detergent drawer open after each wash, for the whole day. I also wipe clean the door gasket after each wash. So even my 10 year whirlpool gasket looks like new, albeit with micro scratches.

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