Android Moto - Selfie stick with headphone jack issue


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Oct 9, 2008
Recently I redeemed my credit card points and bought portronics selfie stick ( On package its mentioned that its compatible with Android and iPhone.
Now issue is when I try to connect selfie stick's headphone jack to my Moto G2 it just wont snap the pick. But if I try in my mom's Moto E2 it works fine. Also I noticed that on Moto E2 if camera app is not open and if I press capture button on selfie stick than it's controlling the volume of mobile but same is not happening in Moto G2.
I tried for solution on various forums and have already tried with installation of different camera/selfie software but none is helping out.
Out there general consensus is that Moto G2 does not support 3 button headphone jack ( Here someone from moto support team mentions the same.
So how should I make this selfie stick to work with my moto g2?

Thanks in advance!