1. I

    FS: Others BT headset & tp-link outdoor cctv & HP v220 monitor

    Platronics Voyager Focus - Product link Bought this for wfh during pandemic (around 2020) but haven't been using for past few months. Used it mainly for meetings and calls, no use for me now. Works perfectly fine Battery backup 5-6hr with ANC Don't have the charging dock anymore, can use micro...
  2. Usman Raza

    FS: Others Clearance at throwaway price

    All these items were bough from a open box dealer Didnt get bills but items are unused and new Have been hardly used once or twice Just sitting idle in the boxes Prices are firm and first come first serve basic Can be shipped or collected from ghaziabad Will give 1 month warranty from my side...
  3. W

    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition Wired, Over The Ear Audiophile Headphones

    Condition - 5/5, No scratches, Took care of everything, the pads and everything are all in excellent Condition. What will you receive - Original Box in perfect condition with every accessory that came with it, Invoice slip, Warranty slip Shippin charges - Excluded, At actuals Product URL -...
  4. Simarpreet Singh

    FS: Others New Year Clearance Sale! - HP VR/Headphones/DAPs/Controllers

    I'm trying to declutter by selling the below-mentioned items as I haven't used them for a long time and they're just taking up space. I might add a few other things later on as well. I'd prefer it if you could arrange and pay for shipping. I believe I've priced the items fairly given their...
  5. ememm

    FS: Headphone Plantronics Blackwire C3220 Stereo USB Wired Over Ear Headphones With Mic Black

    Letting this go as I've received new ones from office. The headset condition is excellent, with no visible cosmetic defects. Functioning is 10/10, very good voice clarity on both speakers and mic. Age is approximately 2 years but has seen only very few hours of usage. Both earpad sponges are...
  6. Rezep

    Headphonezone vs Conceptkart?

    Hey guys, just wanted to ask a quick question I'm currently awaiting for the 7hz Salnotes Zero 2 IEM stocks to arrive in India as I'm recently interested to buy them. I've contacted both headphonezone and conceptkart and have received responses from both of them respectively. Headphonezone...
  7. FXGalvatron

    FS: Mobile Closet Clearance

    Hello all. Have a bunch of stuff that I'd like to sell. I'd like to raise funds for my higher education (not much, I know but every penny counts as a loan isn't possible) or at least sell some of these things as dad's out of a job so I'd like to contribute in whatever way I can. Almost...
  8. panny

    PC Peripherals Anybody knows how to get Beyerdynamic Headset warranti'ed?

    No contact works, their official service centre doesnt pickup calls, emailed 50 days here and there with global beyerdynamic and no response, Hit a wall honestly purchased from amazon, amazon is 0 help
  9. DrkLord

    FS: Headphone Hifiman HE400SE

    Hello all, I wish to sell my Hifiman HE400SE (I RMA my unit 6months ago and they sent me brand new unit). Condition - Kept in its box most of the times, taken out and listened to every once in a while in a week for an hour or so. The condition of the cable, headband and earcups is near new...
  10. honest1

    FS: Headphone Bose NC700 | Excellent Condition

    Have purchased it from some member from TE few months back, however, I am not able to adapt to it and it was lying idle since I purchased. The headset and its earcups are in excellent condition, I would rate them at 8/10. Please look at the pictures. The case is also in good condition except one...
  11. Audiophi1le

    FS: Others Audio Technica M50, 1/12 diecast xj220, 1/24 diecast cars

    1. AUDIOTECHNICA M50 : 4500RS 2. 1/12 Motormax XJ220 : 10k 3. 1/24 diecast cars McLaren p1, mustang : 1k - others are just for scale not selling. A M50 condition is 6.5/10. No issues with sound but physically it's beat up. Nothing is broken though. All diecast cars are 9.5/10 condition. Xj220...
  12. Simarpreet Singh

    FS: Headphone Samson SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones

    Purchased these a long time ago but have only ever used them for 4-5 hours at most and they've been stored in a cupboard ever since then. The item condition is 5/5 as they've barely been used but I've marked them as 4/5 since I haven't had time to properly wash the velour pads before putting...
  13. hairlessmonkey

    FS: Others Multiple Headphones and many more for sale

    1. Item Name: Blackwire 3225 Condition: 3 out of 5 Works fine, around 3 years old Official Warranty Status: Over / None Testing Warranty ; 2 days Additional info: Bill is not available, the Mic has been glued and cannot be rotated anymore Asking Price: 1100\- 2. Item Name: Blackwire 3320 (the...
  14. R

    Razer Blackshark v2x - hyper x cloud core

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy one of these headphones and I need your help. My main concern is good footstep detection and comfort of around 3 hours. Which one do you think is the best for me?
  15. K

    Audio HeadphoneZone sale at mightnight (12th July Midnight onwards), anything interesting?

    I'll be buying Fiio BTR5 or Shanling UP4 if possible, along with a Tangzu Wagner. Are any of you interested in the sale?
  16. S

    FS: Headphone Meze 99 Neo

    Shipping from: Delhi Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer Preferred courier: Anything Shiprocket supports Payment options: Cash, Bank Transfer Product Name: Meze 99 Neo Expected Price: Rs 8500 Shipping charges: Included Manufacturer page URL...
  17. S

    FS: Others Clearance Sale: Galaxy S23 Ultra Smart View Wallet Case, Surface Pro 4, Raspberry Pi w/ 256 GB NVMe, V Moda Crossfade LP2, FiiO BTR5

    Shipping from: Delhi Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer Preferred courier: Everything supported by Shiprocket Payment options: Cash, bank transfer Verification Pics: Product 1: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Smart View Wallet Case Product Name: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Smart View Wallet Case...
  18. rr9

    USB DAC / USB C to 3.5mm headphone port

    Any good budget option. I wish it to act as if the phone had a 3.5mm port for headphone. What are my options? On the other end, what is a good budget audiophile option? Two separate requests.
  19. StygianClaw

    FS: Headphone Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 Ohm)

    A legendary headphone which needs no introduction in the audiophile community. The build quality is excellent and most parts are replaceable should something break. Spare availability is no problem at all and aftermarket parts/upgrades and mod guides are plentiful. This particular unit has not...
  20. Abhijat

    WTB Hifiman Arya V3 Stealth

    Looking to buy arya stealth in good condition and preferably under warranty