The "Everyday" show-off thread !


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Jul 13, 2007
its better then the n301 at this price point (just 300rs more) .. but obviously the f1203 is the better router - if u want to go local with warranty i guess the f3 makes more sense. this was for my wife's sisters place - she also had some old dlink router .. this has range in the house where they wouldnt get range before.. but since its a n150 to n300 upgrade that was bound to happen with 3 x 5db antenna's ... good pricing right on tenda models currently with the amazon / shopclues pricing .

@random2 - well some people would prefer a diztronic for the same price. the Spigen a soft tpu style case.. i actually thought it was a hard shell + tpu model .lol got excited on seeing spigen since ive used them at the past.. offers decent protection and looks good. so yes since there are not that many options .. if u want to go for a branded case its a good one to go for ...


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Jan 29, 2005
No Kidding!! Its got the DLC code as well. But I've heard about a really big day 1 patch required to play which will be a pain on my 2 mbps connection.
Was a 37 gig download for me. The first dvd was not reading. Anyways it is actually faster for me to download than copy it off the disc. Left it for download at 1am. Woke up and the download was done.