The TE Essential Freeware Thread !


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Apr 11, 2007
Fast stone image viewer very handy image manipulation features and the killer for me was the side by side comparison

Couple of chrome extensions i find very useful

Ears : Bass Boost, EQ any audio - life saver and something i wanted for very long. Used mostly with youtube with talks that have been recorded with low audio level. How loud can you make them ? only so much and then this extension gives you a parametric equaliser to boost volume further. It makes inaudible voice audible now. There is a tendency for this extension to affect audio sometimes as in no audio, so a quick stop, restart of the extension works. It's generally off except for those times i need it. I use this more for boosting voice than music. I think with music the results won't be that great as it compressing the audio.

The great suspender, helps reduce memory footprint of chrome if you have hundreds of tabs open

Nimbus screenshot & screen video recorder - good for full webpage with auto scroll web page capture