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    FS: Tablet Apple ipad 6th Generation (2018)

    Hi, Can you give some more details like whats the storage capacity, is it wifi or wifi + cellular etc. An exact model number will be helpful. Also if you have bought it in May 2019 why is the warranty only till December 2019? I thin Apple gives 1 year warranty.
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    FS: Mobile Honor Play 6Gb 64GB version

    What didnt you like about the phone?
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    Wii Remotes

    WTB 2 Wii remotes preferably with nunchucks.
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    FS: Home Audio Video Oontz Angle 3 Plus Bluetooth Speaker

    Interested. Please inbox your number. Thanks.
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    FS: Tablet Flawless Condition iPad Mini 2 retina display with WiFi plus cellular

    Umm...did you join just to sell your stuff??
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    FS: RAM Hynix 4GB 1333mhz × 2 modules from Laptop

    @Abhinav Rakesh interested in a single module. Can do a local pickup.
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    FS: RAM Hynix 4GB 1333mhz × 2 modules from Laptop

    I can do a local pickup. Please PM me your final price for one module.
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    FS: RAM Hynix 4GB 1333mhz × 2 modules from Laptop

    How old are they? I can take one module.
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    FS: Others BMS WinPin codes

    Sold locally.....closing thread.
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    FS: Others BMS WinPin codes

    @manohar5321 they are part of the rewards program of my credit card and carry a validity of 30 days according to the credit card terms. I received them about 15 days ago so going strictly by the terms they are still valid for another 15 days. But there have been many instances when I have used...
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    FS: Others BMS WinPin codes

    I am not sure. The t&c mention 30 days but I would suggest to use them as soon as possible.
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    FS: Others BMS WinPin codes

    I have two Rs.500/- WinPin codes for bookmyshow. Can be used to book movies tickets only. Asking price is 300/-. As these are online codes, I am unable to post pics.
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    How to get paytm refund into bank account ?

    Doesn't PAYTM charge a fee to transfer money to bank?
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    FS: Headphone Logitech Wireless Headset H800 (USB+Bluetooth)

    Is there any other option of connecting this to the TV except the USB?