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    FS: Cabinets Phanteks P350x Cabinet

    1 that comes with it
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    WTB Sata III SSD 500GB or 1TB

    have 500gb and 1tb samsung sata ssds.. PM if interested
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    WTB PCIe NVMe 512G-1 TB

    if any of these interests u message me
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    FS: Cabinets Phanteks P350x Cabinet

    Selling Phanteks P350x PC Case. Its a great sturdy well built case. The RGB line looks cool on it. So genuine buyers can PM or ping here as you prefer. Pictures attached. If any questions please ask. Am based in Kolkata Will prefer a local pickup. If not, can ship at extra cost as per actuals.
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    WTB Looking to buy a DSLR camera

    Still looking then I have D5200
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    WTB Looking for a 240GB SATA SSD for an older laptop.

    selling 860 evo 500gb if it suits you, PM me
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    WTB [SSD] SATA SSD 240-500 GB

    Samsung 860 evo 500gb available.. PM if interested
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    Storage Solutions 1TB Gen4 Nvme SSD Recomendation request

    If still want Gen4 SSD, then PM me am selling a Samsung 980 Pro 1tb
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    FS: Consoles Xbox One X with 2 controllers and 2 disks

    If looking to sell white controller alone pm me
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    WTB 2x8GB 3000 or 3200MHz DDR4 RAM kit

    adata d40 8gb x 2 3200mhz available.. pm me your offer.. about 2yrs or less old (need to find bill)
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    WTB Need a Graphic Card - 3070 or basic

    Mods can close the thread.. Need fulfulled