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    FS: Networking Netgear r7000 ac 1900 router

    am i the only one who cant see the pics with username written on paper?
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    sony wh 1000xm3 for 18.5k
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    WTB Need GTX 1080TI

    got the payment and tracking details shared.
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    WTB Gtx 1080ti / Rtx 2070 Super / Rx 5700 xt

    As discussed on whatsapp, I think we still have a deal.
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    WTB Graphics card - RX 580 or Vega 56

    sapphire rx580 8gb nitro+, bill box and dex 2020 wareanty available. price 10999rs, fixed and include shipping.
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    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung pm981 256gb nvme drive

    PS : These are oem drives, so, i am providing testing warranty. in case drive dont work, I can give replacement or refund within warranty period. Other models like pm961/sm961 are also available in 512gb capacity.
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    FS: Motherboard Mobo+ Psu+ Nvme Ssd + Canon DLSR Lens

    @vyral_143 please close this thread.
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    FS: Video Card 1080 + 1080ti + 2060 super

    @vyral_143 please close this thread.
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    FS: Video Card Galax 1060 6gb Extreme OC Edition

    @vyral_143 please close this thread.
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    @vyral_143 please close this thread.
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    FS: Processor Full Gaming PC

    everything sold, closing thread. 1592808718 @vyral_143 please close this thread.
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    WTB SSD :- 1TB m.2 nvme/SATA , 2TB SATA SSD

    samsung pm981a 2tb 18k samsung 970 pro 500gb 7500 let me know if something suit you.
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    FS: Desktops [closed] Extreme 3D Workstation

    no one will buy a 3.6L machine here. you can wait for few days but selling individually will be faster and easy.