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    Windows ERP solutions for hospitals

    You don't have to go beyond ERPNext. Its an Indian company servicing several companies around the world. Although they themselves provide solutions, there are several third party providers too, who will make a solution on their platform and host it on a reliable service. Look at...
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    Windows PDF viewer

    I would suggest Okular ( It has tabbed interface and easy annotations. I use it on Linux too and it is very good.
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    Married peeps, where have you set up your battlestation?

    Do whatever you want to, things change when you get married. The trade-offs change, and it is difficult to justify a gaming hobby. Techno stuff is easier to manage, even Raspberry Pi projects, or building things, but everything is complicated. I am now waiting for my kid to grow up so that...
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    NAS software

    That is very useful. But has anyone actually measured? Because these systems have good power saving features and my guess is that calculations are not very accurate, and we usually calculate conservatively to avoid bad surprises.
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    NAS software

    I have an i5 2500k system. I didn't see any appreciable increase in my power bill with it turned on all the time. So i didn't bother with underclocking. Why take away the ability to speed up when needed?
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    NAS software

    I recently tried unRAID and OMV and settled for OMV. Unraid was no simpler than OMV and was paid. The biggest challenge I faced was setting up reverse proxy and opening things to Internet.
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    Power Strip that can support Fridge

    Can't you get a really good one made locally. Use good quality components. That is the only thing you can really customize and it will be much better quality than you can get prebuilt.
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    Health & Fitness Corona is in full swing and its not Joke !

    So much misinformation in this threat. Both blind faith and hatred is bad. But Hatred is worse and is blind to the complexity of the challenge where multiple entities are involved (manufacturers, raw material suppliers, state govts). All systems complement each other, which means that even if...
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    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription - 5 Devices $14.50

    I have tried server in Netherland and Romania. Poor speeds in both.
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    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription - 5 Devices $14.50 Just create an account, sign in and Click Redeem. Then enter the code VPNUNLIMITED2020CHIP
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    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription - 5 Devices $14.50

    I did that on your recommendation
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    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription - 5 Devices $14.50

    I need to buy this too. Hope there is a deal for Xmas/New Year
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    BSNL or Jio FTTH- Which one is better for gaming?

    BSNL FTTH is really bad. Works just like their ADSL connections. I don't know how they do it. FTTH rarely works so badly but BSNL manages it somehow. They outsource the last mile to other people in my area.
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    Horrible Packaging -5800x -Dented Box -PrimeABGB

    That is so not the point.
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    General experience trying to connect with Nehru place dealers online

    To buy computer harware in India, we actually need middlemen. Amazon is a good middleman. Some local sellers help with warranty claims, but they are usually expensive.