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    Oneplus One coming to India, can it kill Moto G and Xiaomi Mi3?

    These Chinese brands are a blessing for someone like me who is scared of putting a lot of money on a phone. A friend bought a Iphone 4 for 22k on EMI and his phone was robbed within 2 months. He still had to keep paying EMI for 7 months more even though he didn't have the phone anymore. Anyway...
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    Budget 41-50k Macbook Air V/S Windows Netbooks

    I have Paragon NTFS software. Works most of the time but a few times there are glitches. Nothing earth shattering but these small issues aren't there on Windows.
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    Budget 41-50k Macbook Air V/S Windows Netbooks

    After a few months of using a Mac I am still in love with the hardware but getting more out of love with Mac OS. Something as simple as file search seems difficult to do and their continued lack of NTFS drive support is problematic for me as all my drives and friends drives are NTFS. I deal...
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    Sony Xperia T3 launched in India for Rs. 27990

    After the Xiaomi launch, almost every other sub 30k phone from Samsung, HTC and Sony seems phone seems terribly overpriced ! :P Can't believe 1 GB ram is still there on a 27k device. :(
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    Graphic Cards AMD Radeon R9 270x or R9 280x - help me decide

    For PSU get a minimum of a Seasonic 520W S2. +1 for a 280/280x. Noticeably better card.
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    Car & Bike Driving licence to be cancelled for three red light jumps

    Well the no drinking and driving campaign worked wonders. Friend was sloshed when he got caught. He offered the cop a Rs 5k bribe to let him go when Rs 500, 1k and 2k didn't move the cop but the cop told him he had to go to jail. 1 night in jail and his DL suspended for a month shook my friend...
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    Car & Bike Driving licence to be cancelled for three red light jumps

    Good initiative but practically impossible to implement in India. The only real option is make giving licences extremely strict and to increase fines exponentially so that people will think twice about breaking the law. The fine for speeding is some 2500 pounds in London. We need similar types...
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    Budget 41-50k Macbook Air V/S Windows Netbooks

    I use a Macbook air but I am a bit of a noob so take what I say with lots and lots of salt. :P I use a 2011 mid Macbook Air so my reply is based on using that model. 1) More or less. But many mac softwares are not as good as windows equivalents. utorrent is available on mac and works fine...
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    Nokia XL With Android and 5 inch Display Now Available In India

    ^^ Agree on the service part. Nokia service is pretty awesome. Doubt Motorola comes even close. But 768 MB ram is going to limit the performance of this device along with a 1.2 Cortex A5 processor. If it was a WP 8 device , these specs would have been more than decent but since it runs Android...
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    Budget Above 25K Android Phone for 30k

    Please read the original post. The OP is buying the N9005 version, NOT the Indian version. Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe the N9005 has the Snapdragon 800 chipset.
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    Budget Above 25K Android Phone for 30k

    No body can predict the future but if I would have to guess I would say with 3 GB ram it should be future proof and get the next update. Its a flagship Samsung device unlike the Note 3 Neo so it should get OS updates in future.
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    Budget Above 25K Android Phone for 30k

    With Snapdragon 800, 3 GB ram and an excellent screen, the Note3 is a no brainer if you like such large displays.
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    Moto G launched in India at 14k for 16GB model

    @Doremon = If you are in a metro you would generally get the phone the next day. At least I did. You will need to hurry though. You ideally should have ordered it yesterday.
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    Graphic Cards Graphics card for 12k

    ^^ Good choice. The 660 consumes some 40W less than the 270x so you should be fine.
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    Audio DAC/Amp suggestion

    You still on XP ??? Wow !!! AFAIK the audio stack was one of the major changes MS did to Vista and 7. So IMO there is no way for a Windows 7/Vista only software to work with XP. :( Congrats on the DAC though. TBH I didn't really use the Dolby Theater software. Either disabled it or used it...