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    Video 4k tv any good brand under 30 to 35k.

    I use a 43" TCL 4K in my room and its spectacular for the price. I paid about 25k for it, an year ago. Shite OS though, i use a fire stick with it. Dont get the ifalcon or whatever its called as.
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    FS: Software "Genuine Volume Licensed Software: Windows 10, Microsoft Office for Mac, SQL Server, Visual Studio, WinRAR, Nitro PDF, VMware Workstation Pro & more

    Hi. Could you help me with how exactly this works? Is this legal enough to be used on a corporate issue laptop? I'm interested in the Office 19 suite. Thanks.
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    FS: RAM [Brand new /seal pack ] [from RMA] G.Skill Trident Z RGB 2 x16 gb (32 gb) 3600 mhz cl 17 ddr 4 dual channel kit

    Apologies for the delayed post. Product working great as expected. Spectacular seller. Mods, please close the thread.
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    FS: Desktops Alienware graphics amplifier and 1080ti graphics card

    Whats your asking for the egpu without the graphic card?