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    Olx fraud please help extreme breach of trust please help if u can

    So the number in paytm screenshot is yours? If yes then I think its paytm liability to check and rectify the mistake. Contact them with the upi reference number.
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    FS: Networking Netgear r7000 ac 1900 router

    I don't think I misinterpretated your post. You pointed out that it was sold for 5000 bucks because you wanted to negotiate a price with me. (that's what your post said). And as I said the price of a used commodity is governed by its current market price, hence I have put the current market...
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    FS: Networking Netgear r7000 ac 1900 router

    I thank all the members for raising their concerns. @chetansha (this is in reply to your previous unedited post.) Both logic and common sense are Taking a hit today. The price of a commodity is always governed by its market price and not the history of price. Its like saying that after a...
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    FS: Networking Netgear r7000 ac 1900 router

    Here are the pictures with my handle for prospective buyers
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    FS: Networking Netgear r7000 ac 1900 router

    15 months old netgear r7000 ac 1900 router in perfect condition. 9 months warranty left. Never RMA'd Location - Ghaziabad Shipping on buyer's cost and risk. Prefer local pickup. Payment - paytm or cash Reason for sale--upgrading to mesh wifi system. Price- Rs. 6000
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much can I sell my iPhone 6 32gb for? And also one iPhone 6plus 64 gb. Both in great condition, always used with cover and scratch guard. Lying unused for a couple of years now.
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    Faced fraud attempt from fraud running through old official Hitachi customer care no - complete with home visit

    I don't understand where you got defrauded. Because they took money for service? For which you are paying directly to Hitachi?
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    Mental or psychiatric disorders detection during pregnancy

    If you are talking about genetic disorders, then yes many can be detected by amniotic fluid testing. Karyotyping is done. But it's a costly affair.
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    Honda Activa owners beware!

    All this is true. But I think only with regards to old and used vehicles. Because with time the key hole cylinders and the key gets a lot of wear and tear and the specificity is lost due to that. I remember i used to take someone's pulsar 180 for joy rides when I was a kid using a chaiwala's...
  10. Dr.Lakshay - Feedback Thread

    Well it is. But Problem is that customs duty is calculated Then added to price of your product, And then gst 28% is charged on that new total. So you're Paying 70%! And now there is no exemption for orders below 5k value or orders marked as gift.
  11. Dr.Lakshay - Feedback Thread

    I think for this more than Ae, the current world situation is responsible. With covid and India China tension, the cheaper shipping options have closed down. And I think only essential items are allowed to be imported as per the GOI. May be with time and when things get better, we will again...
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    Car & Bike Planning to purchase new car.. 8lkhs,, ,credit card payment OK?

    Let me break it up into simpler language for you. Many credit cards have a cap on the number of reward points you can get for a single transaction. Even if you get "5%" reward points, 1 reward point is not equal to 1 rupee. It will be more like one fourth. It would have made sense if your cc...
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    Car & Bike Planning to purchase new car.. 8lkhs,, ,credit card payment OK?

    I guess there's no use trying to put sense into someone. How about you go ahead with it and let us all know how it goes and what advantage you get.
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    Car & Bike Planning to purchase new car.. 8lkhs,, ,credit card payment OK?

    Even if he does get a discount, he'll be better off using chq or rtgs and still save that extra 16k.!