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    BSNL Launches 3G Services in Pune !!! BSNL to launch 5G in August 2023, but before that it will launch 4G across India
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    FS: Others Garage Sale (Drawing tablet, Smartwatch, IEM Cable, Ergonomic mouse, JioFi Portable Hotspot, POP filter, 4K Action camera*, iPod Nano* + others)

    Can yo send JioFi model number and actual device image out of case? Hope you have Charger, Original Cable with Jiofi
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    Chinese Woman Fakes Pregnancy With Prosthetic Belly, Tries To Evade Customs With Over 200 Intel Alder Lake CPUs

    may be because USA banned on Microprocessor chip/tech transfer to China
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    Budget 10-15K Mobile phone or tablet for my mother?

    Samsung have all Budget phone even Mi/Realme etc, too have .. but be sure to check screen resolution. If earlier Redmi Note 3 Pro have FHD+ Screen then get FHD+ only, else she may feel & face blur screen with non FHD+. Get phone whenever your budget permits, but as per me, visit any used phone...
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    RFI shielded wireless or wired earphone.

    hope not same case but ... Tinnitus is when you experience ringing or other noises in one or both of your ears. The noise you hear when you have tinnitus isn't caused by an external sound, and other people usually can't hear it. Tinnitus is a common problem.
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    Budget 10-15K Mobile phone or tablet for my mother?

    buy Samsung Mobile that fit in your budget. Buy number glasses with doctors prescription for near vision. Mobile 6.5" may feel small for vision issue person, but you can increase mobile font size as per your desire/comfort level. Tablet heavy/bulky and may be not as usable/in-trend compare to...
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    Health & Fitness What shoes do you use?

    unbranded/sub-baranded some time are good some time not with some bad effect on foot/fingers/ankle/knee (depends how much time you walk using same), with branded they have perfect curve at sole etc. that keep good balance while you walk or running. Once in monsoon good quality sandal got...
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    CPU/Mobo DIY Build No display after first start

    Avoid using Spike Guard/Board if using UPS. Connect UPS in main Power Source and connect PC (PSU Power/Monitor etc. cable) in UPS, good to go without any worry
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    Asus Anti-Surge Warning

    Time arrived for you to connect UPS with system
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    Which Brand Homeopathy Medicines should I go?

    Homeopathy Drugs based on Plant + Live Things (fish, spiders etc.), not a researcher but have some basic discussion with doctors
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    Which Brand Homeopathy Medicines should I go?

    Wells & Reivers now polluted by Money Minded for making money but still Pure Wells & Rivers are existed and people with HIGH KNOWLEDGE still struggling every day with Water Purifiers to get Water with all goods/minerals etc. that our forefather used to get from well/river water. I came to know...
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    CPU/Mobo DIY Build No display after first start

    Op, wait, till you get good suggestion for PSU & UPS from masters who have real technical/voltage knowledge.
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    Which Brand Homeopathy Medicines should I go?

    Ayurvedic/Vaidya/Unani etc. are there 1000 years before Medicine from WEST came in existence. Allopathy have no choice & proved life saving in emergency. India do have various good things (Ayurveda/Yoga/Gurukul Education System etc.), but till it's not widely accepted by west (for their own...
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    Budget 30-40k Good budget android phones for long-term use

    Have 14 months old M series (2021) Samsung device in family and last month or earlier got Android 12 Update + Regular Security Updates and it's 14 month old device. I have A50s, using since last 25 months, but model released 3 yrs ago, so Android Update stops after Android 11 but security patch...
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    CPU/Mobo DIY Build No display after first start

    I will suggest not to compromise on PSU & UPS, as your area have electricity load issue. go with Corsair & APC, it's reputed brand and VERY GOOD to honor warranty (if any thing went wrong with these two hardware due to electricity issue) Above two are MAIN component who will ENSURE SAFE POWER...