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    Linux Linux for a noob

    whatever u expect is in LINUX? Go for Ubuntu especially LTS, and this year APR 2022 is a LINUX new version gets released that will be 22.04 and will be a stable release supported until 5 years .... i.e. until Mar 2027, Windows is still a good platform too!! having 2 OS is fun, Linux will work...
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    Budget 90k+ Suggestions for a gaming PC build

    i was wondering with all the posts about PSU power for future proof, can't we accomodate 2 PSUs for 500Ws or 600W, in to the CABINET and make use of it, what will be the consequences having such a setup. coz Future CPU, GPU will eat as many watts like say 350W each, so 700Ws for just CPU and...
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    Intel SDSi - new shit from Intel for their old concept introduced in i3 2xxx

    SDSi, That will be the day, i call it Retirement from USING PC and Laptop and will stick to Tablets, to watch youtube and live a peaceful life ;-)
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    Budget 31-40k B550 vs Z590 for Gen 4

    The best bet @ this point of time is 5600x+asus B550-F-STRIX, coz the prize has come down, and the DDR4 Ram price as well, it could withstand next 3 years, Until DDR5 Rules the roast, Its a steal, also in a Years time AM5 will get released and that will impact the price on 5xxx, So in a years...
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    FS: Mobile Poco F1 6/64 | Samsung 970 Pro 512GB

    people will buy 970 EVO PLUS for 7K with 5 years warranty? u need to consider your price Bro!
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    Zotac - The Graphic Card of The Death

    As your using DVI PORT, it's fine and it should work, In BIOS, Hv u made any changes for the Priority of which GPU should be approached first for display, like GPU or iGPU. i hv come across such a problem with a 3RD gen INTEL BOARD. I used both HDMI and DP port, it boots in the HDMI and...
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    Zotac - The Graphic Card of The Death

    I had similar problem, with different cards, it depends on what ports are you using, Is it DisplayPort OR HDMI? based on your input i will discuss further the solution!!
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    Windows 11 announced

    Ubuntu 21.xx Is good they were trying except that!! so unless somebody tries UBUNTU, once u get used to it in a week or two, u will just enjoy it .
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Carousell is not in India, are u at Singapore
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    WTB NVMe SSD 500GB - 512GB gen 3

    What would be Your Price tag?
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    WTB NVMe SSD 500GB - 512GB gen 3

    Bro, i bought KINGSTON A300 SSD 128GB for 7K, 8 Years back, now i cant expect it to go for 3.5K , today's market price is 1K only :), Having Said that, today's market price for WD BLACK SN750 500GB is 6K with 5 years warranty, Yours have only almost 2 years warranty, and only 89% Health...
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    WTB NVMe SSD 500GB - 512GB gen 3

    @Karthik G bro messed me that it is NVMe too, tks for the posting bro! but your price for 1 year warranty,with less health is extremely expensive bro!! i can get SN750 Black with atleast 3 years warranty for 5900/- in Ritchie street.
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    Bro, tks for responding!! will get back to you later.
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    WTB NVMe SSD 500GB - 512GB gen 3

    that's an M.2 And not NVMe, so i dont need it, tks for responding though!
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    what is ideacentre? i dont understand, give details about the piece, like purchase date, warranty left. if possible a pic