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    Assassin's Creed: Unity - Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed it a lot more once I started getting into the side missions, which are the true highlight of the game. Then there are those co-op based missions which offered a lot of range in terms of difficulty and co-ordination. I did it in solo and some of them were extremely difficult. I didn't...
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    Resident Evil 7 : Discussion Thread

    I played through the demo at least 4 times. Twice on PS4 and same on PC. Each time, I ended up getting the bad ending and thought that was it, but a few days back, I tried it again and discovered a whole new side to it. Now that was a surprise. The game itself is shaping up to be really good. I...
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    TRAI Classifies 512 Kbps As Broadband Internet

    That's just great. Tell them to ************ with that minimum speed. In today's HD content thriving Internet age, TRAI needs a huge wake up call to revise the definition of minimum broadband. If it weren't for Local cable's Fiber connections, I'd be screwed at these speeds and with Airtel's FUP.
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    Overwatch open beta

    Back to our Borderlands 2 session then.
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    Storage Solutions WD Surveillance HDD WD20PURX Query

    Hey Lincon. Hope you're doing well! Thank you for your response! I'm on a tight budget. WD Red is way too expensive and my primary purpose for even investing in a 2TB drive is to have a back up of my existing drive contents, which could end up dead at any moment. Each of my hard drives have...
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    Storage Solutions WD Surveillance HDD WD20PURX Query

    Hiya folks! I was planning to get a 2TB HDD just for standard storage purpose. Since most of the HDDs have cut down their warranty period to 2 years, this is the only one I can find for 3 years. Now my question is, will this work as a standard desktop hard drive I mean not as an OS drive, but...
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    YouTube Channel Suggestion Thread

    Dam right it is. I'm going to do a second run on all of the videos again. Some of the best are:
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    YouTube Channel Suggestion Thread

    Binged this entire f*ckin' hilarious channel today: I still can't stop laughing. Highly recommended!
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    Tired of youtube ads, can we block them somehow ?

    Same here. It's even worse now with those 30 second ads which you can't skip. Also, my Chrome pages also seem to have ads between the pages. Is there a good solution for it's removal on Android?
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    Xbox 360 in 2015. Still Worth it?

    The only problem I see with this is that a lot of people have now migrated to next generation consoles. Not everyone, but a lot of them. If you plan to sell off the console later on, it would have a lesser re-sale value. Do you have any specific games you're looking for? The next generation has...
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    Xbox 360 in 2015. Still Worth it?

    I'm assuming it's a brand new console. The games are still priced at around 1k with newer titles going into the 2.5k region. So the real question is; are you willing to spend that much on a previous generation console for gaming?
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    Share Your PSN IDs

    Nope, 500GB is more than enough for me.
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    A noob's guide on buying consoles!

    It's an electronic product, so a defect can arise at any point. As for known defects, there aren't any major critical issues which are currently plaguing either consoles. Eventually, you'll have to weigh out the price difference you're getting for a console minus a years warranty and if you feel...
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    Steam India Prices

    Thanks! That's what I wanted to know. It did the same with my Playstation 4 game purchase. Isn't this procedure risky? I mean if someone got hold of all your debit cards info, then they can practically make a direct purchase without having to have an extra layer of security check.
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    Steam India Prices

    Does the purchase re-direct you to a merchant site for OTP? or does it directly debit the amount from your account post entering the card details?