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    WTB Beginner's PC

    Would recommend you get a system which atleast supports latest Operating System like win 11. An AMD AM4 platform can get you started cheap with athlon 3000 while having plenty of headroom for upgrading and/or graphics card for gaming later. Do select a B450 or B550 motherboard since it will have...
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    WTB Beginner's PC

    Thanks for the tip. The card is intended for plex/jellyfin transcoding (on an old secondary machine) and not gaming though. Want the cheapest solution for H264 NVENC @ 1080p. I mostly play slow strategy games at 1080p which even the onboard graphics have no problem with, but I use a GTX 1060...
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    WTB Beginner's PC

    I am intreasted in buying 1060 3gb for Rs 5000 - 6000. Where can I get it?
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    FS: Processor Athlon 3000

    Deal concluded, @puns , you can close the thread.
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    Wanted some clarification on IP configuration

    @Pricklywhale_60 You need to study and have clear understanding of subneting / subnet mask and what are considered private IP's.
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    WTB Beginner's PC

    You could get an Athlon 3000 with an inexpensive A320 motherboard PC (not including monitor, could use HDMI TV). It would run win11 and **some older games**. If gaming is your primary need suggest to go for console as @solo_wing said.
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    Can a 5GHz router repeat a 2.4GHz network?

    If your **goal is to get quicker file transfers over the local network using FTP** i would recommend staying away from all repeaters. Unless you have dual radios, a reapeter will effectively half your bandwidth on each hop. Repeaters are primarily for convinence (of not having to do wiring) and...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Skyhawk 4TB drives new

    Real shame having to buy HDD's on Amazon etc.. without clearly mentioning if SMR or CMR. Kudos for mentioning the same.
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    OpenBox AMD Processor with GST invoice and Full warranty

    @truemint The Athlon 200GE does not support win 11 while the Athlon 3000 does.
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    FS: Processor Athlon 3000

    Sorry already sold. Package was shipped today, shared photos of packing and tracking info.
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    FS: Video Card Asus Phoenix GTX 1060 mini - 6GB

    Received in good condition. Needed a bit cleaning :). Works perfectly. Leaving positive feedback. @puns thread may be closed.
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    FS: Processor Athlon 3000

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    FS: Video Card Asus Phoenix GTX 1060 mini - 6GB

    Received, will test and update by tomorrow.
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    FS: RAM Corsair VENGEANCE® LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C16 Memory Kit - Black

    What DRAM does it use? Is it a matched set?