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    FS: Desktops Modular PSUs , Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

    can you message me? . Interested in psu & buds.
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    FS: Video Card Zotac 1070 Mini And Silverstone 750 W PSU

    Hello, I cannot initiate PM.
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    FS: Desktops PC for sale

    I'm also interested in 500gb SSD.i cannot initiate PM. Please PM me if the other buyer backs out
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    FS: Others Oculus Rift

    I'm interested. Please PM me.
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    How many OS did you boot from 1 machine ?

    Windows XP for the win, It used to be a monthly activity to format the PC. Winxp Performance edition.
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    Share your automations

    I'm using a Modded Smart switch to remotely Power on my PC. It's good when the electricity is interrupted and then i have to Start the PC.
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    FS: Others Crucial P1 NVME 1000GB & Sony WH-1000XM3

    I'm interested in Crucial P1 NVME 1000GB. I'm unable to PM you. Mod edit: Please avoid unnecessary formatting.
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    FS: Others BAMBOO Ink smart Stylus optimized for Windows Ink

    I'm interested. Can you please provide the link to the product. I'm unable to send you pm. Thanks
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    User Guides Improve your music playback

    for some reason i get better sound in knoppix/linux. nice article though :D
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    PC Peripherals Avoid Transcend products!

    i got my transcend ram replaced on the spot on 2 occasions :D. looks like am lucky or good after sales service provided by the shop :)). lamington road :D
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    PC Peripherals Beware !! Foul tactics by Mahavir @ lamington road...

    i had been to lamington this month.that mahavir guy was going to show me core i5 processors made by AMD and when i said aisa kuch nahi hai AMD mein he was like "Bhai me jhoot kyu bolunga" and i said mein nahi bolra ki tu jhoota hai lekin galat toh ho sakta hai na :). he was even willing to...
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    Audio Another headphone thread

    i got to try the HD 437 and am in love with it:D and sadly the price is 1850 now :((