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    Budget 20-25K Any guess when 5G will be available for masses

    Need to buy phone for mom, budget around 20k. Comparing between Vivo X50 (great camera and good exchange price) and Mi 10i (camera reviews seem okayish, OOS as of now). I know mi 10i has better processor but probably it won't utilized much except 5G which is make or break. Any educated guess...
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    National Pension Scheme (NPS)

    I'm not sure about that part. I opened my account via nsdl website without any involvement of my employer and I make the contributions directly there only. The only thing where my employer is involved is when they collect tax docs at end of year. I give to them the contribution receipt , so they...
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    National Pension Scheme (NPS)

    There is option to select your fund manager. SBI and LIC are there along with several pvt fund managers (hdfc, kotak, uti, icici, etc). You can choose whom you trust or based on historic returns each fund manager has delivered. I'm investing 50k yearly in this scheme from 2016 for Tier 1 only...
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    WTB Router with USB and Print Server

    Need something cheap to convert my normal printer to a wireless one. If anyone has any old router with usb and print server (either native or via ddwrt/openwrt firmware), please let me know
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    Mesh Wifi systems

    Cool, you're wecome :) If you have a droid, there is app called swifi which helps to fix this issue. However downside for the app is you have to keep location on, on the phone.
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    Mesh Wifi systems

    oh ok, guess its old stuff in a new package then lol BTW there is good deal on iball Mesh router today@amazon for 999 if anyone's interested. Yeah I know iBall doesn't inspire confidence but amazon reviews are pretty good. I'll be skipping it now though..
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    Mesh Wifi systems

    Just a small doubt, I had created a makeshift mesh long back using 2 wireless routers by setting them on same SSID and channel. It used to work well if your devices are static, however there was major drawback with mobile devices with real time processes like Whatsapp calling, etc that the...
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    Time to ditch Chrome Browser ?

    No one using edge? It's pretty good if you have Win10 Machine or Android even though its from MS. Other than that FF Quantum is all purpose browser.
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    Budget 0-20k Need GPU for dual display workstation

    Thanks for the info.
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    Budget 0-20k Need GPU for dual display workstation

    Yeah one monitor is working in 2k in DVI, other is not on HDMI. Will try and see custom resolution BTW do you know if GT710 has any such similar limitations?
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    Budget 0-20k Need GPU for dual display workstation

    Main thing is the resolution. I have a GT610 @2GB, but it does not show 2560 resolution over hdmi
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    Budget 0-20k Need GPU for dual display workstation

    I need to buy GPU which can drive 2x wide displays 2560 * 1440 resolutions over dvi or hdmi for my work computer (no gaming) Can anybody suggest me the cheapest graphics card (preferably available online) which can do the same. I have pcie 2.0 x16 slot on my motherboard which had Radeon 6850...
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    Budget 10-15K Any phones in Budget range supporting 3CA

    I'm looking to buy a new phone which will also double up mobile hotspot, as I don't have very reliable internet. I've seen people get like 80-100mbps with Jio on expensive phones which support carrier aggregation like note 5 and all. Was wondering if any budget phone have it ? Of all the one's...
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    FS: Video Card Gigabyte ATI AMD Radeon 6850 1GB DDR5 RAM Ultra-Durable OC

    For Sale: Sparingly used Gigabyte Ultra-Durable AMD Radeon HD 6850 GPU 1GB DDR5 OC version 820MHz (std: 775 MHz) (GV-R685OC-1GD). Comes with Heat pipe cooling Item URL: