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    Best GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING Graphics card...?

    Wouldn’t the best one be the one that is available and you can buy. Real world difference between the shitiest card and the best one is not significant.
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    Alexi Laiho left us at the age of 41!!

    They kind of got me into the melodic death metal scene. I still remember listening to in your face on full blast. Where did you see them live?
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    ATS (Application Tracking System)

    Hi, I am currently working on one from a design and implementation perspective. Not the coding part though.
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    Apple M1 5nm chip launched for macbook air and pro 13 inch

    I would say 256gb is a joke for internal storage. Heck my phone has more memory than that. Even if you store barely anything on the laptop you still kind of need more storage than 256gb for all the apps music and a few movies. As far as I know you can’t install apps on external drive making the...
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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    Let’s see if they actually implement that or not. They have been very lax in literally giving the card to anyone who paid and not following the que. Infact they had mentioned that people who bought the 3070 at 55k on their website will have their orders canceled. Yet they did not cancel them...
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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    If you don’t mind can you share your fan curve that you have set? Also for the fab curve and power limit +5% to stay msi afterburner needs to be running in the background right? If it’s closed then the stock settings will come back in effect?
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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    Is the core clock between 1935-1980 without any manual overclocking? What’s the temperature of the card at this speed?
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    Audio KZ ZSN PRO X Dual Driver 1BA+1DD Hybrid Metal Earphones with detachable cable

    Just got the blon bl 03 after hearing all the hype on this forum. The seal is genuinely the worst I have ever felt. No matter what I do I still can’t get a proper seal in my ears due to the stem not being deep enough to cover outside sound. They sound decent to me till now but the seal is a...
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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    Don’t think so? The AIB cards which sell at reference price there like Asus TUF sell for a bomb here in terms of premium over the fe. I think it’s a worse situation here.
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    Apple M1 5nm chip launched for macbook air and pro 13 inch

    How much is the HDFC card discount? And how exactly do you get it? Do you have to use a code or something on the Apple store?
  11. i_rock098 - Feedback Thread

    Their FAQ clearly states in case the item is not delivered it will be refunded. How are they going to prove that the customs destroyed it if the product has no tracking. Hope you know they have shipping insurance exactly for this reason. Also the ban is on Aliexpress. Not on importing items...
  12. i_rock098 - Feedback Thread

    For untraceable items there is no way to prove if the customs destroyed it or not. Also for customs there is no way for them to know if the package came from Ali or not as Ali does not mark or brand it’s packaging.
  13. i_rock098 - Feedback Thread

    Are you sure about this? I have received refunds in the past for non trackable orders which never reached me.
  14. i_rock098 - Feedback Thread

    Are you sure about non-economy Sunyou being trackable in India? I am hearing conflicting views from various people who say it’s not trackable in India.
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    Indianization of my phoreign wife is complete!!

    I think it’s to do with the pronunciation that makes a foreigner saying the abuse funny. Probably the same way if we abuse in Spanish/French it would sound funny to the natives. Having said that I don’t think I have seen any foreigners abuse in Hindi atleast in India. Mostly the tourist I have...