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    WTB Any cheapo oem amd cooler

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    FS: Video Card Price Dropped GTX 1650S And R3 3100 For Sale

    Do you have the oem amd cooler that came with the cpu and are y willing to sell it?
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    WTB Any cheapo oem amd cooler

    Any amd oem cooler will work preferably ry 3 or 5 series
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair RM750 80+Gold Modular PSU and Some separately purchased cables

    Do you still have the pwm splitters, interested in buying those
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    FS: Others Nzxt Garage Sale

    Please check chat
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    FS: Others Nzxt Garage Sale

    Interested in cooler please dm
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    WTB Akko or kailh switches, stabilisers , hot swappable sockets or pcbs , mounting plates, oem keycaps, controller

    Looking to build a fully custom keyboard by solde the switches using wires and need the mentioned things . Dm me the details and price Bump Bump
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Kailh Box White Mechanical switches 60

    Interested, do you still have them?
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    WTB GTX 750ti or equivalent GPU

    Hi, can you dm me the details and asking price?