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    Wifi Router For Small Office

    Hi All, We have a small home office with about 25 machines, the problem we are facing is overcrowding our wifi network. We have about 3 wireless routers E4500, E4200 and E2500 all using different Internet connections. which cant seem to handle the load. we have heavy packet loss issues with...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for Full Size Cabinet

    After looking at the LIAN LI, i decided the CM Storm Stryker looks better. ... storm trooper with a side window would be nice to. Need to hunt a place to buy it. Flipkart is out of stock and at the higher end of the price spectrum. Any where else i can look to buy it? any suggestions. Sethia in...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for Full Size Cabinet

    @ALPHA17 thanks for the suggestions. The Cooler Master Storm Stryker is certainly very interesting. Lot less mesh. The Corsair Obsidian 800D at clost 17k makes me wonder if i can look for LIAN LI as well. HAFX seems to be a lot of mesh which again will get bit to dusty. I cant find a local...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for Full Size Cabinet

    Hola all. I am looking to buy a full size cabinet. I am currently using a CM 690. I have two problems with this 1) Mesh Design -- It gets very dusty here and mesh design makes it look really bad. 2) The cabinet is extremely congested. With two big GTX 580's and a Air cooler It can get very...
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    Get attractive discounts when you use your ICICI® debit, credit card & Net Banking to shop on eBay India for the ICICI codes.
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    Graphic Cards Why do ppl consider NVIDIA superior?

    Having used premier cards from both (own a GTX580) it came down to what game i was playing the most at that time. When i got the GTX 580 i was playing Age of Conan. I played it on a ATi 4650 and then a 4850 and a 5850 but there was a huge difference when i moved to nvidia , simply because the...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I have 2 zotac GTX 460 how much do these sell for now ? they were bought in September 2010
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    Experience with Tradus

    This was not a purchase done on TE, but since a whole bunch of you might be buying stuff from them I just wanted to highlight a issue I faced and still am facing with them. Last week I had purchased 2 Belts from Tradus .. I wanted to buy 2 mobiles as gifts so was doing a test run since i have...
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic - Discussion Thread

    You can use KEy and play in both US and EU server ... the game gives the option to select the server (US/EU) been playing for some time now . For those who want to get the key head CD key warehouse, its a aussie website and once buy the key head on to game website set a account and add the key...
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    Laptops Looking for a good Laptop need suggestions and help

    My office is in need of a couple of laptops and i am looking for some suggestions and thoughts about the various brands. what i am looking for : 4 Gigs Ram decent pros capable of handling some moderate to heavy compiling work. 3-5 hours battery life. good after sales service preferable a...
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    Reliance Flat Fee Unlimited vs/ Airtel 2MBPS or $ MBPS unlimited

    just make sure you get the local reliance tech guy's phone number ... never call the reliance customer care.
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    i7/mobo/ram or x6/mobo/ram

    Got a I7 ROG Asus motherboard about 8 months old + 6 Gigs of Ram from Gskill 7-6-7-24 Ram let me know of intertest and we can work on the price.
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    How reliable is reliance chennai ?? for broad band internet

    only if yo have to choose between airtel /bsnl and reliance and have no other choice... well you don't see people near you in network neighborhood with that do you ?
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    How reliable is reliance chennai ?? for broad band internet

    Positive > no FUP .... > Not had any down time so far. negative > pings are not stable ... in games i got very huge variance starts around 190ms but then goes upto 4k all of a sudden > connection is a shared WAN so speeds sometimes comes down during peak times(mostly sunday in...