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    Health & Fitness How many of you bicycle? - Just a general discussion

    I am in Bangalore, and cycle once a week, mostly Sunday. Do more running through the week. Riding in traffic is no fun, although I have ridden a lot in Mumbai traffic when I started riding. Here are my two bits: Watch out for two/three wheelers from the wrong side, and BEST buses! Those are...
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    Pixel 6a launched

    The Verge used to be a more Tech specific site for sure. I haven't had any reason to doubt their reviews as yet though. If not Pixel 6a, which phone would you suggest for the features that I listed? It has one of the best camera, good Android experience, and decent specs for that price. Plus 5...
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    Pixel 6a launched

    Erm, what am I missing here? I still feel Google Pixel phones have a better stock experience than all other phones. I have used a Realme X2 Pro and LG G8X in the last couple of years. I have also heard other people complain about the problems with bloatware in Xiaomi and Samsung phones I usually...
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    The Outfit - Really gripping drama/thriller. Worth a watch! Stellar performance by the leads 4/5
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    FS: Monitor and LCD LG UK650-W 4K Monitor

    Interested. YGPM.
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    What are people playing in 2022? And what got you through covid?

    I was playing online Board Games. Started and continue playing Ticket To Ride and Splendor. Catan Online as well. Bought a ton of games on steam. Finished The Banner Saga. Unfinished and playing (All RPGs): 1. Divinity Original Sin 2. Divinity Original Sin 2 3. Witcher 2 4. Neverwinter Nights...
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    The book I am reading currently

    Reading - The Great Arc by John Keay रेत समाधि by Geetanjali Shree The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben Just finished: Manga - Demon Slayer (Good one time read for Shonen Manga lovers) Novel - The Powder Mage Trilogy by Brian McClellan (Good one time read for action/military fantasy...
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Just read this. Hopefully the madness about graphics cards and chip shortage will end soon!
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    Laptops Laptop Screen Replacement - DIY, or repair center in Bangalore?

    Hi, I bought a Dell xps 15 9570 in 2018 from the US for my partner. In 2021, the screen started giving problem, with ghosting and lines. Since it was pandemic, and we had a monitor, and so we managed. I am in Bangalore now, and we took it to the Dell repair center in Marathalli for screen...
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    Why do people buy the Apple watch with its poor battery life?

    All gadgets have use cases I guess. I for one, was never in the Apple ecosystem, but now have a Mac Mini and an Ipad. They are useful devices for work/entertainment at home respectively The Iphone or Macbook Pro still seems way too expensive for me though. The new Air is in the same league...
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    FS: Others Clearance Sale (Keyboard + Mouse)

    Interested in Magic Mouse. YGPM
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    Monitor to mirror Ipad screen for home podcast setup and basic video editing

    Thanks! Yeah I am trying to convince her to have a wired setup, as mirroring will make it costlier. Will keep you updated.
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    Monitor to mirror Ipad screen for home podcast setup and basic video editing

    Hi, My friend has a 2017 Ipad Pro, which she is using for a basic video editing setup. It has a lightning port, and she is currently connecting her audio setup with it using a lightning to USB-A converter She wants a larger screen to be able to have a better handle on what she is doing. I...