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    FS: Video Card Gigabyte Gtx 1070 windforce 8 Gb video card

    I'm interested. Please pm me
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    FS: Video Card 3x ASUS Rog Strix 1070 GTX 8GB

    i'm interested. could not locate the pm link!
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    Galaxy watch from Buyer of Galaxy S10

    Received and found perfect
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    Galaxy watch from Buyer of Galaxy S10

    Payment done to rkkaranrk
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    Galaxy watch from Buyer of Galaxy S10

    Galaxy S10 has been launched with an offer of Galaxy Watch for Rs 9999. I am willing to but the same for Rs 15000 from anyone who just wants the phone.
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    FS: Video Card Zotac 1080 & 1070ti (2 to 3 months used for mining)

    You have very honestly informed that they were used for mining. Best of Luck for your sale.
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    FS: Headphone Bose QC 35 ii (Not selling anymore)

    Seeing the duration of this thread the headache of headphones seems much less than the headache of selling it.;) Anyways it is a world class item and hope you enjoy it for years to come.
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    Samsung Flagship phones Disposable?

    Your'e right about the heat part. But it is the manufactures duty to use a glue that will soften at the right temperature and much before the glue between the display and glass or else it becomes a hit or miss thing. Samsung dealer claims that Samsung have solved the problem in Models in Galaxy...
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    Samsung Flagship phones Disposable?

    The Samsung centers are using some kind of oven. They screen got patches because the Glass got detached from the display. They are claiming that the problem has been solved in Galaxy S7 onwards , but the Screen is prone to get Damaged in Galaxy S6 and Note 5 if you try to change the battery...
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    Split Inverter - Cycling & Temp control issue?

    There will be a tolerance for temperature range for AC to make adjustments. It will not keep it at a Flat Degree. Also the area where you stay is not very hot. Even the Inverter will switch off the compressor if it cannot make it run slow enough to prevent the temperature going colder than the...
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    Samsung Flagship phones Disposable?

    Exactly. I managed to locate a battery by sending a email to CEO desk. They managed to locate a service center with a battery. So I went there. At first the service person tried to convince me not to change the battery. But I still insisted. So the replaced the battery but a small patch appeared...
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    Samsung Flagship phones Disposable?

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 two years back. Though it served me quite well, the battery is no more the same. Have been going to Samsung Repair Center since last one month but the battery was never available. They suggested that I submit my phone and then maybe they will arrange after talking to...
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    Best shaver for lazy people

    Using Braun 790CC electric shaver. It is ok for lazy people though the quality of shave is barely acceptable. Been using it since a long time. In my case my skin was always itchy. Realized that the problem was gone when using the normal Gillette shaver. Dont know the cause. Maybe the normal...
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    Airtel 4G to Jio Porting questions and Jio hotspot. Please Advise.

    I am happy with jio. Don't watch movies on mobile. But otherwise it is ok for calling and surfing. Guess not great for tethering. Should improve once they start charging.