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    Robot Vacuum cleaner for a duplex house

    I have not tried it in multiple floors. Considering that a new one may be available for less than 40K around Diwali sale, I would suggest that go for a new one. Battery may need change every three years. For a single floor, it can always charge in between the jobs and resume. You have to...
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    Robot Vacuum cleaner for a duplex house

    Using Roomba i7 since last 2 years. Does a decent job. Would suggest going for dust bin model.
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    WTB Motherboard + processor

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    WTB Motherboard + processor

    replied all
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    WTB Motherboard + processor

    Looking for a Motherboard + Processor like AMD 5800 or 5900 or 5800x3d + motherboard. Looking for a decent discount to current new pricing.
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    WTB GPU 1660 or similar performance. Prefer Local NCR people

    Looking to buy a GPU around the price range of 1060 to 1660.
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    WTB Monitor around 19-22 inches

    I need a used monitor with size around 19 inches in Delhi. Should not be more than 5 years old.
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    WTB Computer in Delhi

    I am looking for a computer for donate someone whose primary task is to attend online classes. Budget is Rs 15000. It should be in good condition. Preferably i5 4th Gen onwards with 8GB RAM.
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    WTB Complete Desktop in Delhi

    I am looking for my friend in Delhi. The system should have 8GB of RAM, I 5 processor in decent condition. Not older than three years.
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    FS: Mobile Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS & Apple Airpods PRO

    What is the blackish colour on backside of the watch?
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    FS: Software Genuine Volume Licensed Software: Windows 11/10, Microsoft Office for Mac, WinRAR, Nitro PDF, XYplorer, VMware Workstation Pro & more

    I landed up paying the No. PANCHANAN DAS BAIRAG-97xx120883@ybl instead of you. The only difference was the last digit was "2" in your case. If you inform your proper name in payment details, maybe people can confirm prior to paying by confirming the proper name. Thus avoiding the confusion as the