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    Nationite NaNite N2 Players with special Brainwavz Bundles !

    Is N2 or sansa in stock please send details
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    Shop and Ship is now on Techenclave to assist you!

    Looks like we guys from kolkata are the only ones who get such service...
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    Shop and Ship is now on Techenclave to assist you!

    Shop and Ship service certainly isnt the same anymore, Today is the fourth day and my consignment is still in customs evaluation.This is the first time I used Aramex for getting in my business sample products and did not expect such a service from them.
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    Xiaomi Phone with MIUI OS: a $310 Android with 1.5GHz dual-core

    Spoke to my agent in shanghai says dealers are charging about $450 for this piece due to a huge demand,suggests its better to to wait for a while for prices to settle down.
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    My Footwear

    Sunday afternoon, nothing to do thought ill take some images of my footwear:bleh: List includes 1. Steve Madden moccasins 2.Zara Lace Ups 3.Puma Driving shoes 4.Adidas runnning shoes 5.Adidas Samba suede 6.Black suede loafers 7.Red Tape Brown formals 8. Puma flip fop x 2 9.Adidas...
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    Is this a genuine product?

    I would suggest to stay away from this seller, this one looks genuine- Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 - 3 User | eBay
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    Need help with nopCommerce using Microsoft Webmatrix

    Seems like my host does not support SQl, it supports MYSQL Thanks
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    Need help with nopCommerce using Microsoft Webmatrix

    I tried entering the data, but I am getting the following error- A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to...
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    Need help with nopCommerce using Microsoft Webmatrix

    Guys Im a complete newbie at all this and am trying to build a E commerce website, Im stuck at the following step truing to install nopCommerce.What is the correct data I should be entering here? Any help will be much appreciated.TIA:) Uploaded with
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    Audio Wireless microphones

    Shure has some pretty good products. Shure Americas | Countries | India
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    Audio Please suggest Bookshelf Speakes in 10k budget

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion, reviews look nice any inputs on price and where could I get them maybe online?
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    Audio Please suggest Bookshelf Speakes in 10k budget

    Hi guys need your help could you suggest some good passive bookshelf options in the 10K range. Looking for anything in the 50-100w RMS range. They dont need to really powerfull on the bass as I got a powered sub:D The only option I could find are the Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 Any help will be...
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    Need Help with AMC SCAM

    Re: Need Help realting to AMC SCAM Sure is a Scam, several reasons- 1.Payment in cash 2.No company stamp 3.It should be Customer Signature & Stamp, not Customer "sing & stam" and several other grammatical errors. 4.No Serial No/Date. Best would be to move on not worth the hassle, though...
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    Visiting card design for Import House-Paid Job

    I am in the process of opening a Import hose would like if fellow members could help me out in designing a business card for the purpose. Inputs on the design from my side- 1.Require a simple design. 2.Avoid the colour red in the design. 3.The design shouldn't be a common one. As this would be...
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