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    Health & Fitness COVID Vaccine Experience and your preference.

    41 Received two doses of covishield 6weeks apart... experienced malaise and mild fever after both doses for 2-3 days along pain at the site of injectionvon same day
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    Lossless streaming service by Apple

    As apple is offering the lossless at no additional cost I think Spotify will be under pressure to follow the same path when it launches its hifi service later in the year
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    Lossless streaming service by Apple

    Just hope its launched in India simultaneously not like Amazon HD. BTW Amazon has also removed the additional charges for the HD service. Competition is growing in lossless music platforms
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    Lossless streaming service by Apple

    Somehow I like the Apple music over Spotify...tidal is at another level due to lossless content Apple has very good collection of hindi songs, SQ is good For hindi songs gaana is also quite good with vast collection of bollywood songs but the interface is shitty
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    Lossless streaming service by Apple
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    FS: Mobile IPHONE 11 Pro Max 64 GB MIDNIGHT GREEN

    How is the battery health?
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    FS: Consoles PS4 slim 500gb bundle

    Transfer done
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    I am also interested in uhd plan... please tell me if any slot is available