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    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate expansion 5TB external drive

    I'm interested please DM me
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    Suggest a sandwich maker!

    Model number is TS 2080-b5
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    Budget 15-20K Looking for a phone for my Mom

    If you are ok with the used ones then something like OP 8 can be a good option
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    Suggest a sandwich maker!

    Hi... you can try black and Decker, it's quite good. I have been using it from many years no issues works well.
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    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 4TB External Hard disk

    Interested but not able to send pm
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    All OS EU rules to force USB-C chargers for all phones Will be very convenient for all
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    Currently Listening Why worry...dire straits
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    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro 5G 8GB/256GB With 11 Months Indian Warranty

    After discussion with OP... cancelled the deal with mutual agreement
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    Mood agent-New music streaming service

    Yes I totally agree with a price sensitive market like India they must reduce their prices to be competitive otherwise they stand no chance