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    What apps have you actually bought?

    Recently purchased "Apollo" app for reddit. I use it extensively and wanted ability to block subreddits from /r/all. I know on reddit website we can do but only 100 or so. Here it is unlimited. But then there is no cloud sync or so which means, if I uninstall apollo, all those settings are gone.
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    Which tablet under 30K?

    Since the base iPad comes with 64GB now, I personally don't think storage will be a big issue. I understand it is as per use case. I have 32gb one and only time I felt that it is low when I intended to download several videos for offline watching. But if it is streaming and such, no issues with...
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    Which tablet under 30K?

    @Kevin Lane Is there any bias towards / against any OS? Because if you have not decided on iPadOS or Android then that is first thing you need to decide. Obviously Android will give more freedom than iPad but I personally like iPad as I use one daily and I am more of Apple person. I do own...
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    Hindi Series Discuss (neflix, amazon prime, youtube, etc.)

    Watched "Home Shanti" (Hotstar) and "Modern Love Mumbai" (Prime). Liked both of them. Home Shanti is clean entertainment which you can see with family.
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    Which tablet under 30K?

    Is this going to complement a Laptop that she already has and this will be a secondary device or it will be a primary one which will need to act like a make shift laptop if need arises? For really large screen, iPad Pro 12.9 is an option if you are comfortable with iOS / iPadOS. I have no much...
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    Just one of the many reasons why investing in unregulated markets like crypto is a foolish idea (May 13, 2022)

    Some people on /r/Terraluna were / are contemplating suicide. What is more surprising for me after going through the subreddit that some people had "invested" their life savings or at least significant portion in these coins. I am here thinking twice before I buy some shares of bluechip...
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    The Raspberry Pi Thread

    OS is on the 32GB MicroSD Card. I use DietPI as it was easy to install and maintain. The HDD is used for downloading my tv shows and movies and backing up the Pi whenever I remember.
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    The Raspberry Pi Thread

    Is there a way to access my RPi4 over internet? Also the apps like sonarr, qbittorrent etc should be also accessible over internet.
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    What are you listening to right now? (Music Recommendations!)

    Saw the song "Pasoori" being recommended at some places. Listened once, didn't really get what's so great. Then listened couple of times more on YouTube. Now I am hooked. Song is groovy.
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    How do people manage with Ear Pods ?

    Isn't U2 an option? The most important reason for me to use Level U is the earbuds are NOT in ear canal. I see U2 has kept...
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    How do people manage with Ear Pods ?

    I use Samsung Level U which is a neckband earphones for last 2+ years for my office calls and I am very satisfied with it. It serves the purpose and due to being neckband with more battery capacity, it lasts entire day. But then I also use Jabra Elite 75t which is TWS for workouts and while...
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    The Raspberry Pi Thread

    Actually it is playing directly only (no transcoding) since jellyfin doesn't handle the playback but I use an external player vlc on firestick. This is because the jellyfin app's default video player won't play many files. I face buffering even on my iPad where I use Infuse to play the video. I...
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    The Raspberry Pi Thread

    Not sure if anyone else faces the same issue as me. I use RPi4 with Western Digital Passport 5TB external Hdd and jellyfin as media server for content that gets downloaded using sonarr, jackett / prowlarr and qbittorrent. Sometimes sonarr will download really large files for single episodes...
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    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    Anyone here interested in Disovery+ for Rs. 100 for one year? I just subscribed today (for Rs. 299) and although it allows 2 screens simultaneously, I think still we can have total 3 people sharing as I don't expect people to Binge watch discovery+. Sign in using OTP so my phone number is...
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    Technospark Memory fusion technology

    All these new gimmicks. I have been downloading RAM since so many years on all my devices using the below website. It is very easy and it is free. Don't pay for RAM any more.